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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association Nov 20 2022 Muzzle Loader Side Lock (Percussion or Flint) Match Results

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As soon as the 22 match ended we set up to shoot the now annual November muzzle loader turkey shoot. This was a lot of fun. At one point we had to stop the shooting as a group of deer wandered right behind our targets. If you look close at the winner’s picture, just above Ralph's left elbow is several deer. This is a recap by Mick Sterling; The Second Annual Thanksgiving Turkey shoot is a wrap. It was lots of fun. 9 shooters. 6 turkeys and a dozen cans o spam and Hormel Chili went home for the Thanksgiving table. 6 shots, best 5 shots for score at 50 yards offhand. 12 shots, best 10 shots for score at 100 yards sitting and supported. High score for the offhand relay was Ken with 45 points out of a possible 50. High score sitting supported was Mick with 72 out of a possible 100. The Turkey winners finishing in the top 3 were Mick (116), Ralph (104) and Wayne (102). Thanks to Doc Ralph for donating 3 turkeys for the random draw, thanks to Gary for tabulating the scores and thanks to the shooters who made it a safe and enjoyable muzzle loading shooting competition. Cheers, Mick

Weather Conditions

The match was moved from Saturday to Sunday due to rain. The weather was in the mid 40's and overcast with mild but variable winds from the North.

Mick Sterling 44 72 116 1st
Ralph Cole 39 65 104 2nd
Wayne McLerran 38 64 102 3rd
Ken Wienken 45 56 101
Will Sibra 33 63 96
Jay Butts 33 58 91
Darron Ross 34 35 69

Course of fire: Target 1 - Best 5 of 6 shots for score at 50yds (offhand). Target 2 - Best 10 of 12 shots for score at 75yds (setting with forearm supported). NMLRA 100yd paper target – 6” black with X, 10, 9 & 8 rings.