Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association

Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association Creedmoor Match

Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association will conduct a Creedmoor Match as competitors are interested to do so. The matches are conducted with 6 foot square steel targets with 36 inch black bullseyes mounted in the center. Many thanks to Chuck Marshall who constructed the targets, as well as our buffalo target.

We have protected spotting areas from the Ram berm at 500 meters for the 800 yard target, and another at the 821 yard buffalo berm for the 900 and 1000 yard targets. Hits and misses are called by radio or cell phone.

Month 1st Score 2nd Score 3rd Score
April 29, 2001 Tom Berwick 210 -3x David Pierce 210 Gary Krutilek 200
June 16, 2001 Gary Krutilek 206 Tom Berwick 204-2x Matt Carter 196
July 21, 2001 O. J. Riddles 190-1x Matt Carter 186-1x Donny Chmelik 184-1x
Apr 20, 2002 O. J. Riddles 196-0x Gary Krutilek 186-0x Tom Berwick 136-0x