Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association

Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association About The Club

We are a Non-Profit Texas Chartered Corporation. Our purpose is the promotion of the safe conduct of the sport of Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette Shooting by conducting monthly matches, and the introduction of as many individuals as possible to the joy and camaraderie of the organized shooting sports.

Our range is situated on a private ranch near Columbus, Texas with a firing line covered by large oak trees.

To join the club or renew your membership click below to download the membership application and send the completed form to the address on the application.

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Directions to the Range

Assuming you are going west on I-10 out of Houston, you would take the Texas 71 North about 4.5 miles. You will pass an Gas Station / Country Store on the left (west side). About 1/2 mile past that, turn west (left) on FM 1890. The entrance to the Brune Ranch is on the left (south) side about 1/4 mile. The entrance has 2 RAM targets facing each other on the left side. Drive on down to the large stand of oaks which fronts the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The monthly shoot entry fees are $25 for big bore matches, and $15 for .22 BPCR matches. Championship match fees will vary. Annual dues are $65 for individuals, and $80 for family.
  • Work has been finished on the additional berm improvements which consisted of heightening in areas that eroded during heavy rain, cattle traffic etc., with a top coat of crushed limestone added to provide a lighter colored background. This enables us to shoot black targets year round which are preferred for edge definition and practice for the National Championship at Raton, NM.
  • Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association contests its matches at the Brune Ranch & Cattle Company in Columbus, Texas on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturdays of every month with the exception of November and December. During those months we conduct matches only on the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of the month.
  • Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette originated as a moderately long range match in Mexico. It has evolved into its current incarnation and the rules are administered by the N.R.A. The course of fire is either 10 or 15 shots per target bank; chickens at 200 meters fired offhand, pigs at 300 meters, turkeys at 385 meters, and rams at 500 meters. All 300, 385 and 500 meter targets may be fired off cross sticks in standing, sitting or prone positions. The majority of all contestants use cross sticks from the prone position.

Club Administration

The club is administered by officers, including President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Any business to come before the club is conducted prior to or after any of our scheduled matches.