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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association 2002 Texas Championship / Regional Big Bore Match Results

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The first thing I want to say before I start talking is to thank Mr. Tom B. for running an excellent match. I’m starting this on Saturday evening and if the Sunday portion goes as smooth as Saturday did, it will have been an excellent match. When you think of all the preparations that have to go together like clock work for a smooth match I think Tom has gotten it down to a science.

The next thing I want to say is to thank Tom for his dedication to the sport of black powder cartridge silhouette and especially his dedication to Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association in particular. I don’t think we could have found a better person to head up our organization. It’s his tireless dedication to the club that makes it the BEST IN THE COUNTRY!

Next I want to thank Liz Riddles for her help in getting everyone logged in, getting the forms filled out etc. I was kinda overwhelmed when everyone showed up at the same time to draw their envelopes with all the goodies in it. Still haven’t had the time to check the insides and see what’s in there. Without her help this morning, y’all would be really mad at me cause I sure as heck would have screwed something up.

Friday’s work party went pretty smooth. I was kinda disappointed with the turnout but I realize some just can’t take off when they are needed. Our berm maintenance program seems to be paying off cause there wasn’t just a whole heck of a lot to do other than pull some weeds and weed eat the tops of the berms and paint the rails and targets. When I got there Friday I thought I was gonna be the first one there. O contrar Mon Amie. I followed Ken across the cattle guard. He was on his tractor with the brush hog. Got to the top of the hill and Gary was waiting for someone to show up. Reckon I’m gonna have to leave earlier from now on. Ken went down and started mowing and Gary and I commenced to start pulling weeds on the chicken berm. OJ and Liz followed and started in on the weeds also. Wayne showed up with his super dooper three wheeled weed eater. That thing can do a days work in a couple of hours. Bill and Jerry were on the hill cleaning up and John Knesek was there getting things in order. Jerry Harres was down range helping paint targets. There were two new shooters that came down range and helped. Can’t remember their names right off but one had his daughter with him. I asked her if she was gonna shoot with us and she said she only shoots small bore silhouette. I say give her a year or two and she’s gonna be up here with the big boys showing us how it’s done. I don’t think I forgot anyone and if I did, please accept my apologizes. I was kinda brain dead on the way home and couldn’t remember anyone else being there. Tom was there too. Almost forgot him. My thanks go out to all who were there to help.

I don’t know if it was the excitement or the fact that I just can’t sleep but I was up at 2:30 Saturday morning. I turned on the scanner and got the NWS. Turned the TV on and got the weather channel. Everything looked like it was going to be a typical hot June day with the standard 20 to 30 percent chance of rain. I sent an email to a certain little yellow haired girl on Friday morning asking her if she was going to show up cause I wanted to know if I needed to take my rain gear with me. I never did get an answer from her and just planned on the worst. I will say that in her honor, I did wear my little yellow haired girl rubber wig when I started on chickens. It lasted til the last shot when I just had to rid myself of it. It was just a tich on the warmish side under it. Don’t know if it helped or not but I did manage to hit two of the little things. Tom called everyone to order and after the National Anthem and a moment of silence to remember those no longer with us, we commenced to shoot. Digressing just a bit, on Friday it took four of us to get my easy up canopy erected. The shade sure felt nice on Saturday. Ken had something akin to a portable barn. It took all hands and then some to get it up but it provided shade for several shooters and their "stuff." I even brought along a really hard to find Riders In The Sky CD for Tom to listen to but I got the impression that he wasn’t much appreciative of my hard work in locating such a piece of music. We did find out that Tom can’t yodel worth a darn. I keep telling him that it’s horse opera and he needs to expand his horizons. I feel that I’m losing the battle however. It was pointed out to me on Saturday that after Tom and I left Friday, one of Colorado County’s finest Sheriffs Deputies stopped at the hill and wanted to know who was in charge. Well, Jerry being the honest guy that he is told him Tom was in charge but he had left. The deputy with his acute powers of observation had noticed that someone had hung the Texas flag at the cattle guard upside down. Normally that’s to be taken as a distress signal. I guess they told him that it would be corrected ASAP and then got him on the firing line and let him send some lead down range. I hear that he was really interested in what we do and maybe some day he’ll show up with some "stuff" and join us. I don’t know who was responsible for the flag but I know it wasn’t Dave Cook cause he wasn’t there by the time I left. Anyhow back to Saturday.

It sure was a pleasure to see Dave and Katha again. Dave is recovering from foot and hand surgery and hasn’t been able to work or get around for a couple months. He’s still in a walking cast but is getting around easier. I did notice that he even drove when they left. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in the back of a pickup with Katha driving, you would understand the gravity of that last remark. We all agreed that they need to make more matches cause first, their fun to be around and second, they give us lots to write about. I’ll be glad when they can start making matches on a regular basis. Marty Haley brought his son with him and had him shooting his first match. It’s always nice to see the young ones getting involved in the shooting sports. I just hope he doesn’t get bummed out due to his score. Right now he just needs to focus on the basics of shooting and the scores will follow.

There were several people who showed up that we don’t get to visit with but one or twice a year. It’s always nice to see y’all and we wish you’d make more matches. I think the quote for Saturday goes to Jerry Harres when he was commenting to Joe B. from Katy. He said "It gets better when you start missing more accurately." A more profound statement I can’t remember hearing. He was looking stylish in his green bandana. Mr. Tom B. was trying to follow in my footsteps wearing his pink bandana. I never realized that I was a trend setter. He said he’s gonna wear his purple one tomorrow.

A really big thanks goes out to the Colorado County 4-H club for their assistance in setting targets. It certainly made it a lot easier on us not having to go down range to set them. They work for tips and proceeds from selling soft drinks. I sure hope y’all donated early and often to the tip jar. We always look forward to their help with the targets. Just think how hot and tired we’d be if we had to set them. Have y’all seen the slick cartridge box Glen Dixon is making? This box looks like it will hold enough ammo for any match and the slick part about it is the two drop out at an angle holders that hold ten rounds for score. It’s a pretty ingenious idea and you should take a look. I understand that for a price, he’ll make you one. He’s running a little behind on his orders so if you want one, get with him.

Did some one say mirage? The last relay on rams certainly had a hard time dealing with it. It was so bad that it was difficult to see the hits on the swinger. I can’t remember seeing it as bad as it was on Saturday. Those who started out on the long targets had the better conditions than those who ended up on them. It brought back some not so fine memories of squinting through a transit trying to do control angle work. It wasn’t pretty. I don’t know what it is about a fire pit and little boys but the little Cook sure was having a good time in the ashes. It’s always fun to watch as long as it’s not your young one. I have come to the conclusion that George Conner is a glutton for punishment. I sold him a .43 Spanish rolling block a few months ago. I had it loaded with 77 grains of Goex Ctg and it knocked the poo out of me. He was relating that he’s managed to get 93 grains of powder in it and he figures that if he compresses the powder, he can get 100 grains or more. I don’t understand that if he likes recoil and being pounded, why does he shoot a 40/65 in competition. Some things just don’t make sense but then again, he’s a lawyer. I won’t mention the fact that Tom forgot to bring the score cards for everyone. I’m not gonna mention that cause I know he had a lot on his mind and it wouldn’t be right for me to mention that he forgot the cards. So I won’t mention it. We’ll let him slide on that one. Can’t remember anything else to say so I guess I’ll have a little conversation with the Captain. Maybe I’ll be able to hit a ram tomorrow if we converse enough.


What would the Texas State Championship be without a little rain. The NWS was claiming that there was a fifty percent chance that we wouldn’t get rained on. I sure was hoping that they were gonna be right for a change. I guess it could have been worse. We only had two 30 minute rain delays. Between the rains, cows on the range, shoot off and awards, it made for a long day. I hope everyone made it home ok. It was kinda scary on the freeway going in my direction.

A big thanks goes out AGAIN to Liz Riddles for putting up with us. It was her staying on top of the scores that allowed you to see where everyone was in the standings. It wouldn’t have gotten done without her. Thanks go out to all the sponsors who donated prizes for the top shooters and door prizes. It’s that little chance of winning something that keeps bringing me back. Lee Johnson did an excellent job filling in as Range Master for Tom. They took turns doing the job. Lee made some calls that in his opinion as Range Master needed to be made. I agree 100% with his calls. It’s always best to hold up a relay on the side of safety than to shoot something not meant to be shot. I know his filling in took some of the pressure off of Tom. Lee also made a comment to someone unknown and as far as I’m concerned made Sundays quote. He said something along these lines. "I’m not having a senior moment, I’m having a senior weekend." I can relate to that.

Nolan, Karen and Shaun/John came in Sunday to watch. Nolan donated 1000 primers for high turkey count in one of the classifications. Appreciate that Nolan. Shaun/John was doing his best Higginbotham impression. He had his right foot in a cast looking thing. Got in a tangle with a base and someone else I think he said. The 4H-ers sure earned their money. They sure can get a bunch of people in the back of a pickup. Too bad we don’t get that kind of cooperation. I hope y’all donated to their cause. That’s our future and they will be the ones filling our shoes in the fight to keep the 2nd amendment. We need to try and get some of them out on a weekend to shoot with us. I had a conversation with the guy setting the rams on Saturday and he made comment that we were hitting way too many of them. That was before I shot at them. He didn’t have to work too hard on my bank.

Before the match started on Sunday, Croft and I had to go down range and try and get the cattle out from behind the ram line. Learned how to Hoo Cow. They were uncooperative in following us back towards the hill so we put them in the pasture by the town. I forgot that the fence separating pastures ran diagonal behind the turkey berm. It’s my fault that we had the cattle delay. They were on the opposite side of the fence but with the angle of the fence, they ended up behind the turkey berm and Jim spotted them and called it to the attention of the Range Master. Another unneeded delay while Tom tried to herd them away from the fence. My fault. It’ll never happen again.

This is the part that Tom wishes never happened. From what I heard, Ken called Tom and asked if he knew where he could procure a pound of Swiss powder so he could load for the match. Tom, being the nice guy that he is, sold Ken a can. Ken shoots like his life depends on his ability to hit targets. Ken wins match. Tom learns that being a nice guy will bite ya on the butt sometimes. If Tom were smart, he’d sell Ken the remaining supply of that particular lot that he has to Ken at a substantial profit.

I can’t think of anything else to say so I’ll end it here and get it to Tom. I enjoyed shooting with Don, Glen and Hawkeye. Hope I didn’t embarrass y’all too much. Let’s do it again sometime. Good luck Faye. I look forward to the time you can come back and shoot with us again. I really did look better than Tom in pink.

Butch Balcomb

Top 3 Scores
Top 3 C P T R Agg#1 C P T R Agg#2 Tot
Ken Wienken 4 10 9 9 32 2 10 10 7 29 61 Match Winner
Billy Mills 1 10 9 8 28 2 10 8 8 28 56 2nd Place
Tom Berwick 3 8 7 9 27 3 9 9 8 29 56 3rd Place
Master Scores
Master C P T R Agg#1 C P T R Agg#2 Tot
Matt Carter 2 9 5 9 25 4 9 10 7 30 55 Hi Master
Roger Clark 2 10 8 7 27 2 10 8 8 28 55 2nd Master
Wayne Lovell 1 8 7 10 26 3 7 7 9 26 52 3rd Master
Gordon Hines 1 10 8 7 26 3 10 6 5 24 50
Bob Rosenbaum 2 5 9 6 22 3 9 9 4 25 47
Donny Chmelik 1 8 9 6 24 3 7 7 6 23 47
Lee Johnson 3 8 6 6 23 1 8 6 7 22 45
Ed Duncan 1 10 4 9 24 3 8 2 7 20 44
Michael Huebner 0 5 4 6 15 2 8 9 2 21 36
Croft Barker 1 3 7 4 15 1 7 4 3 15 30
AAA Scores
AAA C P T R Agg#1 C P T R Agg#2 Tot
Ed Story 0 9 8 9 26 1 9 9 9 28 54 Hi AAA
O. J. Riddles 3 10 7 7 27 2 9 7 7 25 52 2nd AAA, Hi Sr.
Gary Krutilek 2 10 7 7 27 2 9 7 7 25 52 3rd AAA
John Knesek 1 9 9 4 23 4 10 6 7 27 50
Don Claxton 2 10 6 8 26 0 10 8 5 23 49
George Conner 4 9 6 3 22 4 9 7 6 26 48
Steve Ueckert 3 10 6 2 20 2 8 5 8 27 47
David Pierce 4 8 6 2 20 1 10 7 9 27 47
Glen Dickson 1 10 8 1 20 3 10 6 7 26 46
Alan Elkin 3 7 7 7 24 3 9 DNF 8 20 44
David Cook 2 6 6 4 18 0 7 9 9 25 43
Wayne Doering 0 8 2 3 23 0 9 3 7 19 42
Butch Balcomb 2 10 8 3 23 0 9 3 7 19 42
Mary Jo Duncan 1 7 5 8 21 0 7 6 3 16 37 Hi Woman
Bill Pace 1 9 6 3 19 1 5 5 6 17 36
Marty Haley 0 8 4 3 15 1 8 6 6 21 36
Jerry Pace 1 7 3 3 14 0 8 8 5 21 35
Paul Bradley 1 8 4 5 18 0 9 6 2 17 35
Nick Nickelson 3 4 6 3 16 0 9 6 3 18 34
Randall Nunn 0 5 6 5 16 1 7 3 7 18 34
Dwain Jones 0 9 5 7 21 0 7 4 1 12 33
AA Scores
AA C P T R Tot#1 C P T R Tot#1 Agg
Joe Burson 0 9 7 5 21 2 10 10 7 29 50 Hi AA
Jim Kirkland 2 8 6 7 23 2 8 6 9 25 48 2nd AA
Scott Allison 2 8 6 6 22 2 8 7 4 21 43 3rd AA
Jack Elliott 3 9 5 7 24 1 7 3 4 15 39
Mack Morris 2 8 0 8 18 1 9 3 6 19 37
Kenneth Cook 0 6 6 6 18 0 9 4 5 18 36
Jerry Harres 1 7 6 6 20 0 7 6 1 14 34
Tim Young 0 5 6 7 18 2 8 DNF 2 12 30
Thomas Krupp 1 5 1 3 10 0 5 3 3 11 21
A Scores
A C P T R Tot#1 C P T R Tot#2 Agg
Jimmie Price 0 9 3 3 15 0 8 2 7 17 32 Hi A
B. J. Lunsford 1 8 9 3 21 2 4 1 3 10 31 2nd A
B Scores
B C P T R Tot#1 C P T R Tot#2 Agg
Finney Clay 2 0 2 0 4 0 4 5 2 11 15 Hi B
Casey Haley 0 6 0 0 6 0 4 2 2 8 14 2nd B, Hi Jr.