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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association Oct 13-14 2012 Club Championship Big Bore Match Results

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LeRoy Tanner was once again victorious, capturing the 2012 Yaupon Creek Club Championship. Rain once again visited our match, this time delaying the start of day 2 and giving us a 20 minute delay later in the day. We were determined to make LeRoy compete to the bitter end, plus a full 2-day match feels much more rewarding to complete. The top 3, LeRoy Tanner, Ken Wienken, and Tom Berwick are not strangers to the winners medal at this match, all having won before except for LeRoy, now a 5-time winner, who seems to peak at this time each year.

Congratulations to Dave Rolle whose name was drawn for the top door prize and Gary Krutilek who manage to snag the fine custom knife created by Ralph Cole. There was some discussion as to whether the knife would be chosen by the winner with the first ticket drawn vs the rifle. Thank you to all who participated in this year's championship event. I know there is a lot competing for our attention during this time of year and I'm happy you chose our 2-day shoot.

Many of our newer club members never had the opportunity to meet Butch Balcomb, the honoree of the annual Balcomb Trophy for the Ehrenscieb match, or as Butch used to refer to it, the Earl Schibe match in honor of the 1-hour car paint job guy. This year's trophy was won by Dick Mills, which makes the 2nd time he has had the privilege (?) of creating the next year's trophy. Thank you to last year's winner, Larry Hall, for creating this year's trophy. Larry departed from the tradition of incorporating the trophy into the actual target but since it was a very nice silhouette themed clock, it was best spared from the holes.

Congratulations to all participants who went home with some sort of prize for placing in the top 3 of their respective shooting categories. Hopefully, all will do better in next year's match as we endeavor to increase the competition factor for LeRoy.

Weather Conditions

Mid 70s to mid 80s. Mostly Clear Day1, intermittent showers day 2 Humidity high at start, Dropping to mid 40's at end. Wind: 1-8 mph.

Competitor C P T R Total
LeRoy Tanner 5-3 10-10 9*-9* 10-9* 65 Club Champ, Hi Sr
Ken Wienken 4-4 10-10 9*-10 7-8 62 2nd overall
Tom Berwick 5-3 10-8 7-9* 9*-7 58 3rd overall
David Burger 3-0 10-10 8-9* 7-9* 56 1st Master
Jay Butts 2-4 10-9* 9*-8 9*-5 56 2nd M
Gary Krutilek 3-4 6*-8* 6-9* 8*-7* 51 3rd M
Mark Zimmer 0-4 9*-9* 9*-7 8-10 56 1st AAA
Richard Mills 3-2 10-10 8-8 5-9* 55 2nd AAA
Ed Story 1-2 10-9* 7-7 7-8 51 3rd AAA
Don Chmelik 1-0 10-9* 3-6 8*-6 43 AAA
Clint Walker 2-2 9*-6 5-8* 7-1 40 AAA
Mike Hrubetz 1-DNF 9*-DNF 5-DNF 7-DNF 22 AAA
Nick Nickelson 0-1 8*-10 7-7* 7-9* 49 SCOPE
Richard Shurley 0-2 9*-DNF 4-DNF 6-8 27 SCOPE
Bob Garibay 2-DNF 5-DNF 5-DNF 5-DNF 17 SCOPE
O. J. Riddles 0-DNF 9*-DNF 6-DNF 1-DNF 16 SCOPE
Ron Baas 1-0 10-9* 7*-9* 7*-8* 51 1st AA
Todd Tullio 1-2 9*-8* 5-6 6-5 42 2nd AA
Jack Moller 4-2 8-7 6-2 9*-3 41 3rd AA
Bill Pace 2-2 6-4 4-4 2-3 27 AA
Charlie Schroeder 2-DNF 9*-DNF 2-DNF 3-DNF 16 AA
Pat Armentrout 0-3 10-8 5-2 8*-8 44 1st A
Dave Roelle 2-0 9*-5 7-6 2-7 38 2nd A
Darron Ross 1-0 9*-9* 4-3 5-6 37 3rd A
Craig Butler 1-1 8*-8* 4-3 2-6 33 A

* Denotes 5-in-a-row
{ } denotes off sticks, not for record