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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association Dec 17 2022 Monthly .22 Silhouette Match Results

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Congratulations to Shelby Ross for the match win with a very nice score of 35.

Competitor Sight Score Place
Shelby Ross Scope 35 1st
Jay Butts Scope 33 2nd
Gary Krutilek Scope 31 3rd
Ralph Cole Scope 30
Donny Chmelik Scope 29 high chicken count
Darron Ross Scope 29
James Finley Scope 28 high chicken count
Mick Sterling Scope 28
Pat Steiger Scope 27 high chicken count
Russ Miller Scope 27
Kirk Poff Scope 23
Emmett Dibble Iron 24 1st
Mike Moorhouse Iron 21 2nd