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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association Apr 09 2022 Monthly Big Bore Match Results

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The wind was a challenge. Although blowing straight towards the firing line, it switched enough from one side to the other to move you off target. When it would let up for a second, a shot would sail over the back of a critter. Also made chicken shooting a challenge. Only one person got more than one chicken.

Weather Conditions

Windy to Very Windy

Competitor Sight Score Place
Ed Story Iron 21 2 nd
Charlie Schroeder Iron 20 3 rd
Mick Sterling Iron 23 1 st
Travis Prescott Iron 15
Walt Benson Iron 13
Donny Chmelik Scope 24
Ralph Cole Scope 26 2 nd
Don Claxton Scope 17
Wayne McLarean Scope 22
Darron Ross Scope 15
Mike Westbrook Scope 26 1 st
Jack Moller Scope 19
Dave Roelle Scope 23
Gary Krutilek Scope 20
Russ Miller Scope 22
Ken Wienken Scope 25 3rd