Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association

Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association Jan 29 2022 Monthly .22 Silhouette Match Results

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Non scheduled match, shot on 5th Saturday as a make up match for the 15th.

Weather Conditions

Cold and clear with light winds. Started out at 32 but was 56 by 11:00.

Competitor Sight Score Place
Rob Mellinizer Iron 23 3rd
Emmett Dibble Iron 22
Mike Moorhouse Iron 26 1st
Ed Story Iron 21
Mick Sterling Iron 23 2nd
Charlie Schroeder Iron 22
Donny Chmelik Scope 26
Ralph Cole Scope 31 2nd
Jay Butts Scope 32 1st
Darron Ross Scope 29
Russ Miller Scope 27
Mike Westbrook Scope 29
Wayne Mclerran Scope 30 3rd
Jack Moeller Scope 28
Don Claxton Scope 27