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a Non-Profit Texas Chartered Corporation - our purpose is the promotion of the safe conduct of the sport of Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette Shooting by conducting monthly matches, and the introduction of as many individuals as possible to the joy and camaraderie of the organized shooting sports.  Our range is situated on a private ranch in Columbus, Texas with a firing line covered by large oak trees.  2021     Membership App

March 2021 Matches:  Big Bore BPCRS Mar 12 at 09:00, .22LR Silhouette Mar 120 at 08:30, Big Bore , SUNDAY March 28 at 09:00

2021 Membership Application / Renewal Form available for download above.

A short and to the point video:

See this video while it's available and before it is removed…..
From the religion of "peace" . . . .



A compelling presentation on the current war in IraqBlack & Right
What I like about Texas:  A YouTube Presentation
Muslim Extremism in Europe:  A thought provoking demonstration.
Star Spangled Banner - As You've Never Heard It

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A very good Trade Center PowerPoint presentation.

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