Whittington Center
Silhouette Range Improvement Fund

Note: the fund mentioned here is available only when designating your donation as "Restricted Contribution- Silhouette Range Only." Whenever you send a contribution to the Whitington Center, you must specify which range it is to be dedicated.  Otherwise, your donation will be put into the General Fund and not used to reduce the outstanding debt on the Silhouette Range.

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by Tom Berwick

The Whittington Center is supported through contributions from members and fund raising events such as raffles for items donated by members and sponsorships. The designation NRA Whittington Center is a bit of a misconception since the NRA does not support the Center financially. In my opinion, this is a great injustice and the next time Wayne LaPierre overspends his budget by millions, just look at what a single one of those millions could do to make this facility even better.

With all of this in mind, the outstanding balance on the most recent expansion of the silhouette range on which we contest our event currently stands at $91,575.21. The original cost of the most recent expansion to the silhouette range in 1995 was $116,562.00 so you can see we still have a way to go before any further improvements can be funded. We have spoken with Brad Schuppan, Director of Marketing, for the Whittington Center about the establishment of of a named fund to retire the debt and afterward be earmarked for range improvements.

One of the largest possible areas for improvement would be automatic target resetters which would greatly speed up the match, as well as reduce the expense of paying target resetters for the match. The approximate cost for the automatic resetters is unknown at this point, but I would imagine $100,000.00 would be a conservative estimate and this would have to be amassed prior to their purchase. As a result, the BPCRS community and competitors must raise about $180,000.00 to retire the improvement costs and pay for target resetters. Since the High Power discipline also makes use of this range, they should help to shoulder the cost as well. However, it's been my policy not to rely on anyone else to get what we want accomplished. We'll just need to proceed on the assumption that the cost will have to be shouldered by us alone. If that changes, great! If not, what else did you expect? The fund life could be continued to pay for further expansion such as a permanent stat house and other potential amenities.

Other areas to explore for range improvements, and perhaps reduce the cash burden on participants, would be get some corporate sponsorships for some portion of the improvements. You may have noticed a presence by Coors at one of the ranges. This is an area that deserves serious examination. Since the NRA is not a financial supporter of the Center, it's up to us to find a way to get what we need in the way of improvements.

To make a contribution to the fund earmarked specifically for Black Powder Silhouette shooters, send your check to the attention of Mike Ballew, and address as follows:

Restricted Contribution - Silhouette Range Only
Attn: Mike Ballew
NRA Wittington Center
P. O. Box 700
Raton, New Mexico 87740

Request Information From:
Tom Berwick, VP of Y.C.S.A., Editor of Lone Star News, The Journal of the Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association. tberwick@sbcglobal.net

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