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Well, he doesn’t weigh his powder charges, but ol’ Mike Westbrook obliterated the field and won the 2nd TSRA Black Powder Silhouette Championship. Mike fired his first Master score of 28 on the second day of competition, winning that day’s match. Since he had already won the previous day’s outing, the outcome was never in doubt.

Try as he might, Chuck Marshall’s second Master score of 26 was enough to claim only the 2nd place trophy. He managed to hold on to that 2nd place by edging Tom Berwick out by one shot.

Tom managed a 25 on the last day of competition and was hoping to get that third Master score out of the way. Better luck next match.

The sly fox, Roger McMillan, managed to get old enough to qualify as a "Senior" and claimed the plaque for being able to hit a target while at the same time professing to be a fossil. I guess that all of that good clean livin’ is the answer.

Mike and Chuck have claimed some sort of vindication for the venerable Sharps. Since a Rolling Block won the match last year, they wanted me to be sure to mention that they were shooting Sharps.


Name Total Score Position
Mike Westbrook 52 1st Place
Chuck Marshall 48 2nd Place
Tom Berwick 47 3rd Place
Rose Dawn Blanton 38 High Woman
Roger McMillin 42 High Senior
Lige Harris 44 High AAA
Don Abrams 41 High Master
Steve Ueckert 38 High AA
Will Zander 32 High A

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