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David Barnes Wins
2008 State Scope BPCRS Championship

(3rd) David Burger, (1st) David Barnes, (2nd) Gary Krutilek

5th Annual Texas
Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette
June 13, 2008

In an event that can only be described as gasoline deprived, one of the lowest turnouts since this championship match was inaugurated was won by David Barnes.  David is the first competitor in Black Powder Cartridge to successfully defend his championship.  The second position was claimed by Gary Krutilek with David Burger picking up the third slot one shot back.  Winds were very tricky and constantly switching from the south with velocities from almost nothing, to well over 15mph at times.  While we had a nice breeze, as in cool, blowing in the morning, it turned downright hot shortly after a 15 minute shower which occurred at the mid-point of the match.  Thanks all of you who put up with the heat, high gas prices and low turn out to participate.

A total of 5 contestants braved the heat, and high gasoline prices, to compete for the 2008 Texas BPCRS Scope Championship in early June.  The weather in South Texas had been hot and dry in the weeks leading up to the Championship, with the lack of the El Ninõ winds we’ve experienced the past couple of winds helped reinforce the warm conditions.

On the Friday of the scope event, the skies were slightly cloudy and the temperatures started out warm.  By the time we got to mid-day, it was downright hot.  With the mirage swimming by and causing the animals to appear to shimmy in the skinny scopes, the day was very challenging for the shooters.

This year’s champion was David Barnes of Wortham , Texas who successfully defended last year’s title.  In the somewhat brief history of Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette Championships conducted in Texas , this is the first successful defense of a title held in either scope or iron sights. 

The MVA prize for high off-hand score on chickens was won out right by David Burger of Victoria , Texas who also garnered 3rd overall in the match.  In addition to the 3rd place medallion, David won the gift certificate so generously provided by Montana Vintage Arms, staunch supporters of Black Powder Cartridge matches.

The 2nd place medallion was won by Gary Krutilek of Houston , Texas .  Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and we looks forward to seeing you back for next year’s event.

Tom Berwick
Match Director

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  C P T R Agg  
David Barnes  1 10 8 10 29 Match Winner
Gary Krutilek 1 10 8 7 26 2nd Overall
David Burger 2 10 5 8 25 3rd Overall
Ralph Cole 0 7 5 8 20 4th Overall
Jay Butts 1 9 3 6 19 5th Overall

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ruler.jpg (6155 bytes)

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