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David Barnes Wins
2007 State Scope BPCRS Championship

(3rd) Bobby Ivey, (1st) David Barnes, (2nd) Bob Glodt

4th Annual Texas
Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette
May 4, 2007

Fourteen competitors met at the Fort Chadbourne Silhouette Club out of Bronte, Texas on May 4, 2007 to compete in the 4th annual Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette Scope Championship. When the smoke had finally cleared, a tie for the championship betwen David Barnes and Bob Glodt remained to be broken by the ever-so-much fun chicken shoot off. It was agreed that a 5-shot match would be fired on chickens and if a tie remained at the end, a sudden-death chicken tie breaker would follow. As luck would have it, the competitors were still tied at the end of the first shoot-off and we entered sudden death where each shooter fired a single time and continued until the tie was broken by a single hit and miss combination. David Barnes was the first competitor to "hit" a chicken in the sudden death period after Bob Glodt failed to connect. The "hit" was a wedge shot between the chickenís pad and rail that forced the chicken to fall over on his beak. The chicken was off his rail pad so the victory was awarded to David. The top three contestants were David Barnes 28/40, Bob Glodt 28/40 and Bobby Ivey took 3rd place with a 26/40. Congratulations to all of the competitors and we look forward to increased participation in next yearís event.

Tom Berwick
Match Director

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  C P T R Agg  
David Barnes  3 10 7 8 28 Match Winner
Bob Glodt 4 9 8 7 28 2nd Overall
Bobby Ivey  1 10 9 6 26 3rd Overall
Jack Hawkins  0 9 10 7 26 4th Overall
Billy Mills 4 7 6 7 24 5th Overall
Don Coffey 0 10 5 9 24 6th Overall
Gary Krutilek 1 10 6 6 23  
Tommy Rose 4 6 4 7 21  
Billy Yager 2 9 5 5 21  
Bill Pace 1 8 9 2 20  
Berit Pace 0 10 7 3 20  
Ray Maybry 0 10 5 4 19  
Mary Jo Duncan  0 9 3 4 16  

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David Barnes shows off his win by a "nose."

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