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A. P. "Butch"  Wins
2005 State Scope BPCRS Championship

David Brady (l) 3rd, Butch Ulsher (c) 1st, David Barnes (r) 2nd

Three additional die-hard silhouette fans showed up on the off-chance that there would be a competition slot remaining to compete in the 2nd Annual, 2005 Texas State Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette Scope Championship held at the Heart of Texas Silhouette Association range in the Mexia/Wortham area of Northeast Texas. As luck would have it, several spots remained for the 1-day scope championship while the iron sight version was fully subscribed.

The weather was sunny and hot with the occasional patchy cloud drifting by. By the time we got to 1:00PM, it was downright hot, a trait the Mexia area is known for. With the mirage swimming by and causing the animals to appear to shimmy in the skinny, period style scopes, the day became very challenging for the shooters.

Master Class visitor from Montana, A.P. "Butch" Ulsher bested the field by posting a 30 on the windswept group of entrants. The late arrivals to the match boosted the total to a best ever group of 17 shooters besting the inaugural year tournament held last year by 5 entries. This match is growing as people find out it is fun and a huge challenge to shoot the old smoke poles with a period style optical sight. Chickens, while never easy to shoot offhand, do seem to dance quite a bit more when using optics on our 12# rifles.

The MVA prize for high off-hand score required a 3-way shootoff between David Barnes, David Brady and Mike Mason who all posted initial chicken counts of 4 each. This was one of the more entertaining shoot-offs held as the initial 5-animal shoot between the group was met with a total of 15 resounding misses. Since ammunition was becoming scarce, we decided to proceed with a sudden death format. This required an additional 4 shots by each shooter until David Brady finally hit a chicken, ending everyone’s misery.

Our High Junior, David Ward, set a National Record by posting an impressive total of 23 of 40 and even hit 1 chicken in the process. What makes this feat all the more remarkable is that David is a true Sub-Junior, being only 11 years of age. Congratulations to David and we all hope he remains in the sport for many years to come.

Rounding out the top three places was David Barnes who bested David Brady and Gene Davids in yet another chicken shoot-off to determine the position of the 2nd thru 4th positions. O. J. Riddles won the spot of High Senior with an excellent effort of 25 of 40.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and we looks forward to seeing you back for next year’s event.

Tom Berwick
Match Director, TSRA

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  C P T R Agg  
A. P. "Butch" Ulsher  3 10 8 9 30 Match Winner
David Barnes 4 8 8 7 27 2nd Overall, Hi Offhand
David Brady 4 8 7 8 27 3rd Overall
Gene Davids 3 8 8 8 27  
O. J. Riddles 1 10 7 7 25  
Bill Pace 2 8 9 5 24  
Matt Carter 3 10 6 4 23  
Joseph Ward 1 8 6 8 23 Hi Jr
David Ward 0 10 6 7 23  
David Davids 1 8 7 6 22  
Gary Krutilek 2 8 9 2 21  
Matt Mason 1 7 7 6 21  
Joe Garcia 0 8 6 7 21  
Philip Neel 0 9 7 4 20  
Mike Mason 4 2 7 6 19  
Paul Walker 0 9 4 5 18  
Billy Mills 2 8 1 3 14  

ruler.jpg (6155 bytes)

ruler.jpg (6155 bytes)

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