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David Barnes Wins
2004 State Scope BPCRS Championship

Jay Lee 3rd (l); David Barnes 1st (c); David Brady 2nd (r)

The First Annual TSRA BPCR Scope Match was conducted at the Heart Of Texas Silhouette Association range located in Wortham, Texas. We were blessed with excellent although windy conditions which made itself felt through out the day. Twelve shooters were able to take advantage of the day’s shoot and hopefully next year, we’ll be able to attract more competitors. Since this is a relatively new branch of our sport, not everyone has the requisite equipment yet.

Due to the relatively low number of competitors, we squadded up on 2 banks of animals which cut down on the number of target resets. Everyone quickly found out that a scope in strong winds doesn’t make the chickens any easier to knock down. In fact, the little pollõs even more difficult to hit. Since we had a nice, partly cloudy day, the heat started building up rapidly as did the mirage.

Mirage started playing its usual tricks later in the day. At one point the mirage was running upward against the bank of turkeys while on the rail it indicated left to right. Now, that classifies as a pretty tough condition to read. Shooters made the observation that the pigs and chickens seemed to dance up and down in the scopes and the result was a pretty tough site picture.

We had to conduct a chicken shoot-off to determine the winner of the MVA gift certificate for high chicken count. Three competitors were involved in the chicken count shoot-off which was ultimately won by Bill Pace.

After the chicken count shoot-off was determined, we conducted a 3-way shoot-off to determine the ultimate match winner and State Champion. David Barnes, David Brady and Jay Lee all had scores of 25 carded and a 5-chicken shoot-off ensued. Mirage and wind conspired to hold the shooters to 1 chicken amongst the 3 competitors and David Barnes had that hit. David Brady and Jay Lee then went head-to-head in a sudden death match with the each firing a shot until one hit a target with a subsequent miss. David Brady basically outlasted Jay Lee in the shoot-off to claim 2nd place by hitting a chicken on the 4th shot of sudden death.

Thanks to all of the vendors for their support of the match which included Montana Vintage Arms, SPG and Black Powder Cartridge News, and The Single Shot Exchange. Next year’s match will be held in conjunction with the iron sight match once again and should be the Friday prior to the main event.

Tom Berwick
Match Director, TSRA

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  C P T R Agg  
David Barnes 1 8 8 8 25 Match Winner
David Brady 0 8 8 9 25 2nd Overall
Jay Lee 0 10 8 7 25 3rd Overall
Gary Krutilek 2 8 8 6 24  
O. J. Riddles 1 9 9 5 24  
Bill Pace 2 7 6 6 21  
Matt Carter 1 9 4 6 20  
David Ward 0 9 6 5 20  
John Knesek 0 9 5 6 20  
Billy Mills 2 9 4 3 18  
Joseph Ward 0 7 2 6 15  
George Springer 0 2 0 2 4  

ruler.jpg (6155 bytes)

ruler.jpg (6155 bytes)

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