Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association
Range Safety Rules

Range Safety & Rules
Rev:  May 27, 2013

The following range safety rules were presented to those in attendance at the May 24, 2013 match.  These rules are in place for Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association and all match participants are expected to adhere to them at all times. If a guest is being hosted, then it is the memberís responsibility to make sure the guest adheres to these rules. Failure to abide by the rules, in particular Rule #1, subjects the member or guest shooter to be required to withdraw from the match and potential bans at future matches as determined by the club officers and Board of Directors. All club members will be provided with a copy of the rules and must sign that they have received, understand and will abide by the rules set forth below.

1. Under no circumstances is a live round to be inserted into any rifle NOT ON THE FIRING LINE. It makes no difference if youíre simply running a chambering test or whatever, a violation of this rule subjects the violator being invited to put his equipment up for the duration of the match or leave the premises.  This includes any firearm other than a Black Powder Cartridge rifle such as a "black gun," your carry pistol, or any firearm you may be planning to fire after the conclusion of the BPCR match.  Leave these weapons in your vehicle until the conclusion of the match.

2. No one is to walk in front of the firing line, on either side of the concrete break between the two sides, until a "cease fire" has been called and rifles removed, or in the process of being removed, from the firing line.

3. If you have a live, stuck cartridge case in your rifle during the course of fire, the rifle is to remain on the line until the cartridge is removed. DO NOT RETURN TO YOUR TABLE TO ATTEMPT REMOVAL. Call for assistance if needed and an alibi will be granted if you have not completed your course of fire during a match.

4. During live fire, all muzzles are to remain pointed down range.

5. While your rifle is in the cleaning cradle and you have finished your cleaning chores, a safe chamber indicator is required. This can be in the form of your blow tube, cleaning rod, or an NRA OBI inserted in the chamber.

6. If an unsafe condition is observed, please report it to the Range Master calling the match. Please remember that if any unsafe condition is observed on the firing line or downrange during a relay, ANY MATCH PARTICIPANT MAY CALL A CEASE FIRE to get the problem corrected.

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The rules, as set forth above, may be amended or modified at future dates.
Please check back periodically to check for changes or re-familiarize yourself
with these rules.  Your safety is of paramount importance.

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Page Last Revised:  May 27, 2013