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Some Members of Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association
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Come join on a weekend and knock down some steel.  For examples, click on the following links to view some mini-movies with sound, Pig Firing Line, Pig Hit.  You can save, or simply open to view while on line.

Dave Higginbotham, a founding member of YCSA, is the owner and President of Lone Star Rifle Company in Conroe, Texas.  The Rolling Block Rifles built by Dave are some of the most accurate single action black powder rifles available in today's market.  Dave was the high overall shooter on the first day of competition during the 1994 Nationals held at Raton, NM with one of his Rolling Blocks chambered in .40-65.   You can visit Dave's web page by clicking on Lone Star Rifle.  Dave's Chicken Form!, a mini-movie.

Don Abrams, a founding member of YCSA, is the treasurer of Yaupon Creek.  Don was the first Texas State BPCRS champion in 1996 shooting a Lone Star Rolling Block that he assembled.  Don also was the first East/West BPCRS Champion in 1997 which is held annually in Miller, Kansas.

Tom Berwick,  a founding member of YCSA, is the Vice President of Yaupon Creek as well as the publisher of the Lone Star News, the monthly newsletter of Yaupon Creek.  The Lone Star News was selected by the NRA as the best club newsletter for the year 1997. Tom held the original YCSA range and club record of 31 which has since been bested.   Tom is also the T.S.R.A. Director for Black Powder Cartridge Rifle since 1998.  Tom Berwick placed 3rd in the 1998 National Creedmoor Long Range Championship held in Raton, New Mexico.  Tom also won the 3rd annual club championship in 2001.

Matthew Carter - Matt recently shot his way into Master Class and tears up New Mexico in the Creedmoor Match.  Matt holds the National Record for the 900 yard leg of the match from 1998.  Matt may also have the National Record for the 800 yard portion from the 1999 match shooting an incredible 94-3x.   Matt won the 1st, 2nd and 5th  club championships.

Roger McMillin - a founding member of YCSA - Roger was our resident "can make anything" guy.  Roger cut out all of the 2nd & 3rd banks of targets for the range as well as procuring and making up the rails for those 2 banks.  Roger has won the Senior Class of the first 3 Texas State BPCRS matches.  With their move to Pennsylvania in the year 2000, after Roger's retirement, we lost a great club asset and member.

Bill Pace is a shooting competitor as well as a Former Member of the Board at the NRA and Former Director for the NRA Silhouette Department.  Bill's wife, Berit, is also a BPCRS competitor  Watch Bill's hit on the chicken line, click here and press open.

Andy Clinton - Andy won the high AAA honors at the 2007 National BPCRS held at Raton, NM.

Pictorial- picture record of our membership.  Beware, lots of graphics and screen defying faces, constant additions are being made.
Memoriam - members who have passed away.

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