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BPCRS National Championship

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The results for the National Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Championship contested at The Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico with the top five places by class as shown below:   For comments, observations, and the write-up as it appeared in the Yaupon Creek newsletter, click here:



1st Place Dave Gruhler 94/120
2nd Place Steve Brooks 89/120
3rd Place Dave Gullo 88/120
Master Steve Baldwin 87
  Andrew P. (Butch) Ulsher 86
  Bob Glodt 86
  Ed Middleton 86
  Robert W. Bloyer 86
AAA Richard Eskite 86
  Mike Venturino 84
  Paul Stuhrenberg 82
  Perry F. Lewis 81
  David Swenson 81
AA Tristan Windsor 79
  James Linthicum 78
  William Jarvis, Jr. 70
  Kenneth D. Miller 70
  Jack Allbright 69
A Jim Willis 57
  D. J. Swenson 54
  Jimmy Blocker 53
  James Kirkland 53
  William Pfarrer 50
B David Wiese 44
  Herb Dalton 37
  Thomas D. Moore 36
  George Eickhoff 35
  John Knowles 34

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(l-r) 3rd Dave Gullo , 1st Dave Gruhler, 2nd Steve Brooks

2000 saw the continued use of the format favored by competitors, all shots count towards the National Championship, no qualifying match.  This will again be the format in 2001, although, Greg Connor of the NRA wants to go back to the mostly hated qualifying match format.

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