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BPCRS National Championship

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The results for the National Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Championship contested at The Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico with the top five places by class as shown below:   For comments, observations, and the write-up as it appeared in the Yaupon Creek newsletter, click here:



1st Place Steve Garbe 93/120
2nd Place Brian Chilson 93/120
3rd Place Dave Gruhler 90/120
Master Richard Brinkman 90
  John R. Venhous 89
  Perry A. Lewis 88
  Butch Ulsher 88
  Kenny Durham 87
AAA Robert E. Gordon 86
  Larry Baker, Sr. 86
  Buddy Visser 83
  John McGlothin 81
  David D. Holt 81
AA James Funkhouser 78
  Charles Blanchard 78
  John W. Stewart 72
  Michael D. Cozart 71
  Ron Dreisbach 70
A Thomas A. Silvear 59
  Art Domingos 56
  Cartherine G. Logosz 56
  Sonny France 56
  Jimmy Blocker 54
B Gary L. Freking 38
  Harvey Richey 38
  Michael D. Ullman 35

Gruhler - Chilson - Garbe
(l-r) 3rd Dave Gruhler , 2nd Brian Chilson, 1st Steve Garbe

1999 saw a continuation of the format favored by competitors, all shots count towards the National Championship, no qualifying match.  This will again be the format in 2000, although, Greg Connor of the NRA wants to go back to the mostly hated qualifying match format.  The wishes of the shooters are never of much concern to the NRA.

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