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The following links are to shooting related Web Sites.


LoneStar Rifle

BulletThis link will take you Dave Higginbotham's Lone Star Rifle home page.

Lone Star Rifle - Complete with photographs of Dave's Rolling Block Rifles.


bullet.jpg (1580 bytes)  All the information you could want on the National Rifle Association.

National Rifle Association
NRA Live -
the NRA web site with live news broadcasts.


Bullet As a Texan, you should be a member of the Texas State Rifle Assocation.  TSRA is on the alert with the Texas Legislature and fights for your rights as a gun owning citizen.

Texas State Rifle Association

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BulletOther State Associations you might like to look at.

Hawaii Rifle Association

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Bullet 2nd Amendment Issues affect all of us and the net effect is an unprecedented assault on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  The links, and thought & discussion pages below should be reviewed.  The 2nd Amendment will be nickel and dimed to death by the media, special interest groups, and attorneys out to make a buck.  If you don't believe it, look at the links below.

Shooting Sites

The sites listed below are all good shooting related web sites.  It's hard to believe how many there are and this is only a sampling of some of the best.

Bullet Shooting Organizations - National

bullet.jpg (1580 bytes)Shooting Host Sites

Bullet Shooting Club Sites

Bullet Shooting Related - Miscellaneous

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