Lack of Education
Will Take Your Guns Away

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As I have been warning anyone who would listen to me, the way the anti-gunners are going to take your guns and rights away is through the systematic "education" of our youngsters that guns "are bad."  As we move to an even more urban lifestyle, young people are not introduced to the joys of hunting and the camaraderie induced.  They are also not educated that the hunters, through self imposed taxation, are the reason that there is abundant game to hunt.  The "anti-s" are not responsible for the management and control of any game source.  In deed, they would rather see them starve to death as opposed to being considered a natural resource.

In a "Poll" conducted by the Scripps Howard Data Center, requested by who the hell knows, and reported in the Austin American-Statesman on November 28, they found that 64% of Texas young people, aged 18-29, favor increased State and Federal Gun Control.   The text of the article under the by-line of Juan B. Elizondo, Jr is as follows:

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    Younger Texas are more likely to support increased government regulation of gun sales, according to a new Texas Poll.

    The telephone survey, taken by the Scripps Howard Data Center from October 13 to November 1, asked 1,000 Texans their opinions on gun control, gun safety and the prosecution of gun-related crimes.  It included 551 self-identified gun owners and had a margin of error plus or minus 3 percentage points.   The margin was slightly higher for subgroups, such as gun owners or those in certain age brackets.

    According to the survey, 64 percent of Texans between the age of 18 and 29 years old support increasing state and federal regulation of the sales of guns.  That was 22 percentage points higher than support for increased regulation from Texans age 60 and older.

    Those older Texans were more likely to live in a home where someone owned a gun (58 percent) compared with the 18- to 29-year olds (44 percent).

    Nina butts, head of Texans Against Gun Violence, said the greater support for more gun-sale restrictions among young people offers great hope for the future.

    "Young people are more sensitive to the danger and therefore want tighter gun control," she said.

    Randy Gibson, Executive Director of the Texas State Rifle Association, said he believes younger people simply are not well-informed about the importance of access to guns and existing gun laws.

    "This class of people are kids who are just getting to understand the issue," Gibson said.  "They've been brought up in their middle schooled and high school years hearing about the "damage" of guns and how "bad" they are.  As a pro-gun community, we need to promote our message that we promote safety and we have restrictions that need to be enforced."

    Overall, 50 percent of Texans support increased restrictions, 15 percent want fewer restrictions, and 29 percent believe no changes are needed.

    Among gun owners, 40 percent support additional gun-sale restrictions.  Thirty-seven percent say restrictions such as waiting periods and background checks should remain unchanged.  Sixteen percent say they believe restrictions should be decreased and 7 percent didn't express an opinion.

    Butts said the support from gun owners for restricting sales further shows that the National Rifle Association is out of touch with gun owners.

    "I think the NRA tries to make it out that gun owners are in one camp and non-gun owners are in another.  That's not true," she said.  "The majority of Texans want more restrictions on gun sales."

    Gibson said the gun-sales question was vague. The respondents were asked whether restrictions should be increased, decreased or kept the same.  They were not given the details about increased regulations.

    Gibson said fewer gun owners would support additional restrictions if they were given more information about the regulations and the potential effect those changes could have.  Groups such as the rifle association say some regulations could add to the cost and limit availability of guns in the United States.

    "A lot of times what we find is that they limit the law-abiding citizen who normally you wouldn't mind getting a handgun," Gibson said.

The poll also found:

Q:  Do you or anyone else living in your household own a gun?

Yes:  55%
No:   42%
No Answer:   3%

Q:  Do you favor or oppose mandatory background checks before people, including gun dealers, could buy guns at gun shows?

Favor:   85%
Oppose:  12%
No Answer:  3%

Q:  Do you think that restrictions on the sales of guns should be increased, decreased or kept the same?

Increased:   50%
Decreased:   15%
Kept same:   29%
No Answer:   6%

Q:  Do you favor or oppose holding parents legally responsible if their children commit crimes with the parent' guns?

Favor:   50%
Oppose:   37%
No Answer:  13%

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    Now, please take a hard look at the questions.   They sound innocent enough but there is not enough information in the question on which to form a valid opinion, one way or the other.  Pollsters, and the 60 Minutes crowd and their ilk, use this type of poll and proclaim it to be the gospel.  Of course, given the full information and impact of the type of laws that would perhaps be fomented based on a poll such as this, the results would be severely skewed against the implementation of additional regulations and laws.

    Of course, the people that are reporting these polls as "News" don't want the true picture to be shown.  You have got to mobilize and demand truth in news and when polls such as this are used, who created the questions and what are the actual intent of the proposed regulation?  Without this information, the polls should be printed on soft paper and used remove excrement.

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Tom Berwick
Web Master