Storm Troopers
Elian Gonzalez

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Janet Reno and Bill Clinton displayed their true colors on this day, April 22, 2000.  Whether you agree that Elian Gonzalez should have stayed with his Miami relatives or returned to his father is immaterial.  What should be disturbing to any law abiding citizen of the United States is that Bill Clinton and John Reno chose to send armed Storm Troopers into the Miami relatives homes.  The only thing that separated these troops from the Nazi SS is the uniform.

If you didn't think an armed storming of a private citizen's home couldn't occur in the United States, all you had to do was watch CNN this morning.  Machine gun wielding, fatigue wearing US Storm Troopers broke down a fence, a couple of doors, and generally destroyed a private residence in their kidnapping operation.  Do you think a private citizen stands a chance in face of this kind of force?  Do you think private citizens would be allowed to storm a residence with machine guns and kidnap a child?

It's time to have your elected representatives rein in a run away Executive Branch.  Bill Clinton has repeatedly demonstrated that he believes he is above the law.  Apparently Janet Reno has that same disease.  Theoretically, the courts were handling various suits, orders, etc. in this custody mess.  Bill Clinton and Janet Reno apparently had their patience extended and trashed the Constitution, once again.

04/22/2000 10:17 PM