N. Y. State Files Suite
June 2000

From USA Today Online

N.Y. first state to sue gunmakers

NEW YORK - The state of New York filed suit Monday claiming gun manufacturers and wholesalers created ''a condition of danger,'' becoming the first state to sue the firearms industry. The state will ask that a court abate a dangerous public nuisance, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said at a news conference. Thirty-two cities and counties around the country, including New York City, have filed suits against the industry. Many of those actions were filed as negligence claims. New York's suit, however, takes advantage of a state law that says illegal guns are a public nuisance. It was filed in State Supreme Court, a trial-level court in New York. ''We have to show that in their pursuit of profits, they created and maintained a condition of danger in our state,'' Spitzer said. Among the manufacturers named in the New York lawsuit are Glock, Beretta U.S.A., Colt's Manufacturing Co., Taurus, Ruger & Co. and Inratec.