When Guns are Outlawed
Commentary by
Lionel Waxman
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When Guns Are Outlawed
By Lionel Waxman
CNS / Flashpoint Commentary
03 May, 2000

There's been another tragic shooting in Washington, DC. At least, that's what they say. Personally, I doubt it.

I doubt it because the District of Columbia has outlawed the private possession of handguns for the past 24 years.  So the supposed shooter couldn't possibly have had a gun.  The District is a demonstration project for the dedicated gun haters.  It shows how effective laws can be when handguns are banned completely.

If it were not enough to ban possession of handguns completely, they ban sales of handguns, transportation of handguns, carrying handguns, carrying handguns within 1000 feet of a school, day care center, swimming pool, or video arcade. They ban borrowing, lending, giving or renting firearms.  Is that redundant enough for you?

Oddly enough, Al Gore's answer to that is "no."  In response to the incident, Gore called for mandatory trigger locks on the guns that don't exist in the District of Columbia and photo license IDs for the purchase of new handguns, which has been illegal there since 1976.

With all the gun laws in the District of Columbia, I thought it strange that there's no specific law against stealing a gun.  But then I realized that there are no guns in the District to steal, so they don't need such a law.

But I think I see the problem.  The District has been making all these laws about guns.  Maybe they should attack the problem directly and pass a law making it a crime to murder someone.

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