A Call To Action!

On April 3, the Massachusetts attorney general announced that he would immediately put into place regulations affecting all firearms to be sold in that state. I would very much like to report on those, but as of this writing, there are no published regulations. I know this because I asked some of our loyal firearms manufacturers, and they - the very people who will have to follow these regulations - have not seen them as yet. That seemingly minor detail did nothing to derail the Clinton/Gore big government juggernaut from eradicating yet more of the people's rights with not so much as a by your leave to the duly elected representatives of the people.

In fact, it is somewhat ironic that this should happen in Massachusetts and at this time. 225 years ago, our founding fathers were gathered in Boston dealing with almost the same brand of tyranny that our sisters and brothers in Boston face today. Back then they chose to throw the tea into the harbor and on April 19, the "Shot Heard Around the World" was fired and the War for Independence was engaged. We had declared ourselves a free and independent nation. That time, because all of the people took action and because all of the people were prepared to take that action, we prevailed, and until most recently have enjoyed the fruits of that hard fought victory. The historical irony would be funny if it were not so damned frightening.

We need to make our stand and we need to make it here. We can no longer wait until November to have our voices heard. We still need to vote in November, but by then, if left unchecked, the Clinton/Gore machine will have consumed all of our Second Amendment rights and be well into the First, Fourth and Fifth. They have already managed to nullify the legislative process as spelled out in the US Constitution. Article 1 - the very first thing our founding fathers created - assures that the laws and taxation shall be determined by the Congress. Not by the president and his cronies. And it is that which has me the most frightened.

In 1775, our Founding Fathers were confronted with this sort of tyranny. In 1775, they had no freedoms to defend. And in 1775, they had no choice but to take up arms against the rule of kings and petty dictators. In 2000, we find the American president calling for more gun control and using the date of April 20 as his deadline, that of course being the anniversary of a great tragedy in this nation - even as he says he does not capitalize on these tragedies for political gain. In 2000, we have the specter of the American president abusing his powers of office to get what the congress - our elected representatives - have denied. He went to them and asked for more gun control, and they said no. As they should and as the Constitution provides.

However, for King Willie, the Dark Queen Hillary and Clown Prince Gore, this was not acceptable. "Damn the Constitution," they cried as they gathered the lawyers together. "Damn the Rule of Law," they yelled as they got their puppet bureaucrats to do the dirty work for them. "Damn the people," they exhorted as they lied and manipulated.

Interestingly though, we hear no reference to April 19 from him or any of his fellow travelers. It is as if he still sympathizes with the same British Lords and Masters that shielded him from service to this nation - and the same British Lords and Masters who today control Smith & Wesson and gave that control to the Clinton/Gore regime. It is as if he does not remember the day that our Founding Fathers declared that enough was enough. Perhaps Mr. Clinton would like us to forget that April 19 is also the anniversary of a great tragedy in America - the murder of 80 men, women and children by his own government. Perhaps Mr. Clinton and his cronies would like us to forget the American Revolution, especially since they have worked so hard to undo so much of the freedoms that war gave us. Well we do not forget.

I am calling on all Americans, and particularly firearms owning Americans to make this April 19 as momentous and important as that April day 225 years ago. This time, though, rather than take up arms, wee will take up our freedom of speech and our right to petition our government directly. This time, we will use the tools that we now have to be sure our shot is heard around the world. It is simple and easy. All it will take is for all Americans that truly love their freedoms to send a message to their senators, congressmen, newspapers and TV stations. All it will take is some e-mailing and faxing.

Since the St. Patrick's Day Sell-Out, King Willie the Last and the rest of his Court of Doom have felt totally unrestrained in their actions. As if Ed Schultz and his British Lords and Masters had knighted them and given them the Americas as their duchy. And what is the most appalling, the most frightening and the most threatening to our democracy is the silence pouring down Capitol Hill. It is one thing when a president, desperate to make his mark in the history books - as compared to on a blue dress - attempts to usurp the place of the Congress in our system of government by misusing and abusing the courts and to circumvent the delicate system of checks and balances designed those 2 centuries ago by those wise and brave people.

However, it is quite another when the Congress simply sits there and watches. It is their job to leap up from their chairs and shout from the top of that hill. It is their job to use the power of the Congress to restore the Rule of Law that we seem to have lost after 7 years of Clinton/Gore and their facade of lies and deceits. And, it is the very power of the Congress that has been lost.

Well, we the people have to let them hear us. We have to make sure that they know that we are watching and we are awake. We need to get that message through. And here is the call to action:

On April 19, e-mail all of your elected representatives - all of them. And send them a simple message. Tell them to get to their jobs that we elected them to and hold immediate hearings on the abuse of government power being coordinated from our White House. Tell them that we want real hearings, and not these made for prime time fluff jobs. Remind them that it was a strong and vibrant firearms industry that enabled this nation to win World Wars, and to win the Cold War. The very same firearms industry that Clinton and Gore are bent on destroying.

On April 19, fax or e-mail your local US attorney's office and demand an investigation into those mayors and attorneys general who are abusing their powers of office to force regulation where no law exists, and using the taxpayers money to do so.

On April 19, e-mail Attorney General Reno at web@usdoj.gov, or fax her at 202-514-5331 and demand that she immediately start an investigation into these state attorneys general usurping the powers of the legislative branch and the collusion they are engaging in by using taxpayer dollars to force manufacturers to sign an agreement that reads like something out of Nazi Germany.

On April 19, e-mail or fax your local newspaper and TV stations and tell them that we are tired of their one-sided reporting and their open political posturing. Remind the broadcasters that their licenses are not rights and can be revoked if enough citizens complain. And be sure to send a copy to the FCC (fccinfo@fcc.gov) as well. Ask the media how they really feel about the government taking over a lawful business as it did with Smith and Wesson and why none of them will report that part of the agreement.

It is really quite simple. The choices have been defined here. Either you are willing to take the actions necessary to defend our Right to Keep and Bear Arms as well as the rest of our freedoms - and never forget that that Second Amendment is designed to protect those rights from all, including tyrannical presidents and their henchmen - or you are not deserving of those freedoms. That may seem a bit harsh, but it is accurate. Too many people will sit around and complain about the excesses of this radical fascist government, but the fact that they are still there, the fact that the congress sits idly by and watches as our rights disappear belies those concerns.

In one sentence, either stand up and be heard on April 19, or go ahead and turn your guns in. Because if you do not have the courage to send a letter, then you probably do not have the courage to defend your rights. With our freedom comes responsibility. The responsibility to stand and be heard in defense of our nation and our freedoms. It is time for that responsibility to be taken seriously and for action to be taken.

I have chosen not to provide form letters, since congress and the media tend to ignore form letters, even when they arrive en masse. Use your own words. The same words you use with your friends. Tell these people how sick and tired we are of their petty manipulations and games. But, for God's sake, tell them! The words are simple enough:

We want our nation and our freedoms back! We want an end to this subversion of the democratic process of legislative deliberation! We want an end to the abuse of the courts to nullify our elected representatives! We want our government to be for the people again, not against them!

Print this page out and take it to the range, take it to work and take it to your friends and get them involved, too. There are 50 or 60 million gun owners out there who remain silent while their rights are being demolished. Make them listen and make them angry at what is happening. The silence from our side of this debate has been deafening.

Folks, I could not be plainer here. Either we stand in defense of our democracy and freedoms, or we prepare to lose them. There is no more time to wait. There can be no excuses. If you can not summon the energy or courage or pride or patriotism to take part in this action, then you do not deserve the cloak of freedom that we all wear, even as the Clinton/Gore regime tries to take it away from us. If you will not let them know what we think, then you have chosen by default to accept what comes. And what is coming is nothing less than radical fascist policy.

You can find the fax or e-mail for your local TV stations right in your TV guide. The fax and e-mail for your local newspaper is right on the editorial page - the very same editorial page that they use to whittle away at our freedoms while defending theirs. The phone number for the local US attorney is in the phone book under US Government.

Remember, on April 19 we need to make sure we are noticed. Jam those e-mails and fax lines. Flood them with our communications. Bury them in faxes and phone messages. Our shot can be heard around the world if we use the tools that we have. Use your computer that you are in front of now. Use the internet that sockpuppet Gore invented. Use the fax machines that we all have nearby. Use the technology that we all enjoy. And, most importantly, exercise your right to petition your government and your First Amendment rights.

April 19, 2000 should be remembered as the day the people took back the halls of power from the lawyers and lobbyists, from the corrupt and from the craven. April 19 should be the day we tell Clinton, Gore, Reno and the rest that we will not go quietly into their long dark night or oppressive government.

April 19 should be the day they are reminded who the US Constitution empowers.

April 19 must be the day we take our stand.

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