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Various club members have items for sale.  We will list those items, a description, the asking price, and the seller's contact information.  Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association and the Web Master/Tom Berwick make no warranties on behalf of the seller.  Under certain circumstances, transfers of firearms may require the services of an FFL holder.  Check back periodically for updates to the listings.

Requirements for Firearms Transfers:  Firearms that are shipped can only be done so using FedEx Priority Overnight and can only be shipped to a licensed dealer or FFL holder.  Person to person sales may be accomplished with an in-person exchange of firearms and money.  If you ship via FedEx, be sure to secure an FFL from the dealer prior to shipping to him.  It is suggested that the buyer remit via money order or cashiers check to the seller along with transfer information if the firearm is being sent to a registered dealer/FFL holder.  YCSA and this web site make no warranty to any purchaser of any kind and all transactions are the sole responsibility of the seller and buyer.

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Jack Moller has several items for sale.
Click here to open the .pdf

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Tom Berwick has the following for sale:

or (713) 666-7732

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Don Claxton has the following items for sale:

Call Don:  (979) 542-3395

Don Claxton is making custom shooting table tops that fit on the standard fold up
table legs on the particle board tables commonly available from K-Mart and that
type of store.  Check back for a picture in a week or so.  Don will make you a
custom top, in pine or hardwood, with your initials, brand, school insignia,
or whatever, for about $225.00-300.00.

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Email to Don Claxton

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