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2nd Annual Challenge - 1998
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Eric Matthews
Over"Powers" the Competition

Here are the results from the East-West Challenge Match that I'm sure many of you have heard about.  The big news was that Eric Matthews and his .50-90-650 was the overall winner.  Now many of us old silhouette hands are scratching our heads and thinking, "Maybe I should build up a .50-90, just to test you understand... I'm not really going to use one for silhouette... well, maybe one or two matches ..."

Anyhow, Eric shot a great match in difficult conditions and our hat is off to him.  For those interested, the load he used was 100 gr of Fg Goex, 650 gr. Paul Jones bullet cast 1-20, Matthews Lube, 215 Federal Primer, in a Navy Arms Rolling Block, with a 1-22 Ron Snover barrel, Snover sights and, need we add, a HARD hold!   Congratulations, Eric, on a fine job.

Our overlooked fact in all the rush from the .50-90 mania is that the West was again VICTORIOUS!  The traveling trouphy will hang at the rifleman's hideout of choice, namely "The Hideout" run by Rick and Sherry Andersen.   The "bull" sessions that take place there are worth the price of adminission.  I'm particularly fond of the "Rocky Mountain Oyster" feed that Sherry puts on every year.  This is a great place to stay when you are in Kansas, hoever, don't try to get my room; I book a year in advance!

If you haven't taken in the East-West Challenge match yet, make plans for next year.  This is without a doubt one of my favorite matches; great people; a good range, and plenty of competition.  With all that, there's no way you can lose.

Hold Center
Steve Garbe

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