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National Creedmoor Championship - Raton, NM - August 6-7, 2004.   This year's Creedmoor match was won by Lige Harris, former Yaupon Creek club member.

Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association will conduct a Creedmore Match on old style 6-foot square steel targets at a day to be announced.  We will  meet about 8:00-8:30am to discuss rules, shooting order and basic format of the match. Click here for Yaupon Results!

Our targets consist of a 72" x 72" T1 steel target with a 36" black T1 bullseye mounted directly in the center and were fabricated by club member Chuck Marshall who constructed the buffalo as well.  We have protected spotting areas from the Ram berm at 500 meters for the 800 yard target, and another protected spotting area at the Buffalo Berm at 821 yd to spot the 900 & 1000 yard targets.  Hits and misses will be called via radio.

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