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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association
2005 Club Championship
October 8-9, 2005

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LeRoy Tanner
Wins 7th Annual Club

We did everything we could to stop him but LeRoy Tanner overcame all obstacles to become the 2005 Club Champion. And, he did it with enough space between him and last yearís champion, Ken Wienken, that he didnít have to endure a chicken shoot-off.

Attendance was not as high as previous years with only 22 shooters trying for the title but all who came out had a good time.

Due to all of the competition from other clubs, revenues are down a little for the year and as a result, the prize kitty was not as flush as previous years. The one negative that can be said to our sportís popularity, at least in the State of Texas, is that we now have enough clubs around to allow shooting every weekend of the month. As a result, you have obvious choices to choose from when it comes to spending your hard earned entertainment/shooting dollars. Couple that with the recent high price of gasoline, and many have chosen to drive shorter distances, hence, the decline in attendance from the club members who live closer to the HOTSA range.

Iím drawing up the plans and NRA forms for the 2006 edition of the state match and we are once again going to hold it at HOTSA with the plan to move it Fort Chadbourne for the 2007 contest. If possible, weíll try to hold the match on a rotating schedule between YCSA, HOTSA and Chadbourne. This will give shooters in different areas of the state more potential access to the matches.

The problem with holding the match at YCSA and Chadbourne relates primarily to the number of shooters we can manage. At YCSA, we have been limited to 5 relays due to target setters. The group we currently have has an extended family and it may be possible to have them come out and do the job quickly which is what we must have in order to run 6 relays. I would hope that Chadbourne can field sufficient setters that we could run 6 relays as well. If HOTSA ever completes it plans to revamp their range to banks of 5 targets, that gives us the capability of running far more shooters in less time. Accordingly, if that comes to pass, then HOTSA may become the defacto ďhomeĒ site for the state match unless other ranges can manage a way to reconfigure.

Iíve looked at the YCSA range and the limiting factor for it is the ability to expand the Ram line a little. Most of you donít realize that our range was actually configured to shoot the chickens from the west side (opposite of where we currently set up) of the small range shack at the end of the ram positions. If we put a slab or box arrangement in there to hold a sizeable amount of dirt and gravel, we could again run the chickens from that side of the firing line which would open up space on the current line to cram more shooters into place for 5-shot banks.  If we want to hold a larger state match at our range, thatís what weíre looking at needing to do to accomplish that task.

On another note, you may notice that LeRoy Tanner was the guest writer for a couple of the match articles and I thank him for undertaking the task. We need to come up with a rotation of guys to write the match articles for 2006. Iíve undertaken a very time intensive web site that requires daily updates after work and as a result, just donít have a lot of free time in the evenings to do all of the club stuff Iíve done in the past. The most time intensive task is writing and printing the newsletter. If someone will write the match articles, that will be a big load off and I should be able to produce the newsletter in a timely manner.

By the way, 2006 dues are due. Your renewal blank is enclosed with the newsletter. Merry Christmas folks.

Hold center,
Tom Berwick

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