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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association
2004 Club Championship
October 9-10, 2004

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Ken Wienken
Wins 6th Annual Club

The weather apparently heeded the warning to be on good behavior and we were blessed with no rain. For a season that has had more rainouts than in any previous 3 years combined, being able to get 2 consecutive dry days was truly appreciated. However, with a norther lurking upstate, we definitely had some curious conditions.

For most of the weekend, the wind was quartering over our shoulders heading down range. That is, when it wasn’t ripping crossrange with a building mirage. The result was a very competitive match that required a good deal of spotting and wind reading skills to garner a good score.

The 2004 Club Champion was again one of our repetitive match winners, Ken Wienken who managed to post 2 consecutive good scores. In the end, that’s what it took.

There was quite a bit of competition on the first day but the ability to put the 2nd day of good scoring in the bag proved to be important. Other than Ken, all of the other top finishers had sub-par second days and as a result, dropped in the standings.

Our very thin ranks of AA to B class lost another member as Todd Moore shot his way into AAA class. Todd only needed one more AAA class score and both of his matches reached that level while easily winning the AA match award.

Our only Junior class competitor for this match was Benjamin Barker who may have advanced into A class with his 11 on Saturday. Ben managed six pigs and, more remarkably, five turkeys for an 11 total. A review of his scores will be conducted and if they exceeded the requisite ten hits, excluding chickens shot off of sticks, then he’ll advance.

Our High Senior for the match was LeRoy Tanner which should come as no shock to anyone as LeRoy managed 2nd place overall. LeRoy’s chance to take the top spot was sidetracked by chickens on Sunday. That one animal has caused more grief for shooters than any other animal. Those pesky little critters just don’t seen to sit still in the sights for any length of time.

We had a pretty solid group of AAA competitors and the “Big Ugly” aka Lonnie Innmon won that class with two solid scores. Andy Clinton and Steve Ueckert managed to hang on for AAA 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Master class was the most heavily represented group of shooters once again and that group provided the bulk of the competition for overall match. David Barnes conducted some research a couple years ago and based on the information available, his conclusion was that our club had the highest percentage of masters that he could find. I believe that is true since 62% of our competitors for the championship match were in the top group.

Thanks to all of the folks who donated prizes for the match as they were truly appreciated. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, the annual club dues statements will be sent out in the November newsletter. When you receive yours, please send it back in with your membership payment as soon as possible. We’ve already paid our insurance for the coming year and need to rebuild the coffers a little.

The year is winding down and although we’ve had a pretty good year of competitions, here’s hoping that 2005 is a little drier, at least on our shooting weekends. Try to make it out for our last matches of year. The weather usually cooperates pretty nicely this time of the year and we’ve got those cold damp ones bearing down on us in a hurry.

Hold center,
Tom Berwick

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