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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association
2003 Club Championship
October 11-12, 2003

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Photo ©Steve Ueckert, 2003, All rights reserved.


Matt Carter
Wins 5th Annual Club

Another club championship is in the books and a familiar name has returned as Club Champion. After the smoke cleared, quite literally, Matt Carter had a 1 point lead over LeRoy Tanner. One note on Leroy’s 2nd place finish. If he could count chickens, there would have been a shoot-off for the championship since he managed to shoot one other out of order for a recorded total of 6. That’s pretty good shooting for a “senior” member of the club.

The 3rd place overall along with 1st and 2nd Master had to be decided with the ubiquitous chicken shoot-off between David Barnes, Don Claxton and Roger Clark. After David hit his first chicken and Don followed up with a hit on his number one, Dave then hit number two. Don muttered something to the effect that he couldn’t be expected to keep hitting his as well.

After Don’s 2nd chicken went down the pressure was mounting although David didn’t seem to notice. He hit his 3rd in a row and Don missed. Roger kept chunking near misses as David missed his number 4. Don missed number 4 and David hit his number 5 as Don was closed out 4 to 2.

So, the results of the shoot-off placed David Barnes as 3rd overall, Don Claxton High Master and Roger Clark 2nd Master. John Knesek took the top spot in AAA, Lonnie Innmon was the top AA, Todd Moore took A spot and will advance into AAA, and Steve Poteete was the high B.

Day 1 was a little iffy due to heavy hanging clouds and poor visibility. Add no wind at all into the mix and when the first shot went down range, the hanging smoke was something very difficult to deal with. That was pretty much the way things went all day until late afternoon when the clouds started breaking up and a tiny bit of wind moved the smoke out of the way.

Saturday’s scores were pretty fair with a total of 7 Master class scores fired. Sunday rolled around with more of the same. Overcast and almost no wind. However, everyone learned from the previous day’s conditions and with just a little breeze, 11 Master scores were carded.

There is something to be aware of and it’s pictured above. I don’t know if the kneepads are directly responsible for Don Claxton’s improving scores, and I don’t rightly know what shooting position requires kneepads, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak. We’ve already tried all of the kinky kneepad jokes on Don already and I’m only sorry that Butch isn’t here to chime in as I’m sure there is something left unsaid on the subject.

This year’s club championship was a fun endeavor and I’m sorry more couldn’t shoot as this is our way of returning part of your shooting fees in the form of prizes and door prizes. October always has a lot of pulls on our time and there is one other club that schedules a match for this same weekend. There’s nothing we can do about that except make our match as attractive as possible for the membership to attend.

We had only one junior competing in this year’s match and I would like to find a way to increase junior participation in the club. As most of you are aware, we’ve got quite a few “gray beards” and the future of the shooting sports is in young people. BPCRS is not necessarily a “young” person sport but the more we introduce, then the more likely they might participate sometime down the road when they are financially and employment able.

This is not a rich man’s sport but you do need to be a little better off than some of the other disciplines to fully participate due to the expense of gathering your equipment, learning how to (re)load and then devoting the amount of time to develop your skills.

Fortunately, this sport is still at the stage where most all competitors will help a new comer. Let’s keep it that way.


Hold center,
Tom Berwick

All photographs ©Tom Berwick Photography
All rights reserved.