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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association
2000 Club Championship
October 14, 2000

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Matt Carter
Wins 2nd Club

I decided to take Friday off and go up and help work on the range in anticipation of our club championship. The weather was nice for the drive up, just a little fog over the Brazos. Nothing exciting happened ‘til I got to that mile stretch between business 71 and the Austin cutoff. Saw a doe coming up the side of the embankment and passed behind me and across the highway. I think she made it cause I didn't see the body on the way home.

No one was at the hill when I got there so I went down and commenced to whack some weeds. Wayne Lovell later showed up with his tractor and Marvin Newby showed up and between the three of us we had the weeds and brush knocked down in record time. Marvin said he had an experience with a deer on the way down but the deer wasn't too lucky. He brought me some major rocks from his place outside Bourne. Gonna build a fire pit in the backyard and get back to trying to bake biscuits. That is, just as soon as I can get someone to move them from the driveway. Just as we were driving back to the hill, John Knesek arrived. I know it's all about timing and John's made an art of timing. I left the sycle in the back of the truck so if ya need to knock down a weed or two, it's there. It really didn't take as long as I thought to do the pasture in front of the rams.

Saturday when I got to the range, Randall Jones and son Tyler were camped out in the back of the truck. They were just beginning to stir when I drove up. We decided to go "cowboy" in memory of Henry Heller. Hadn't worn my Stuff since Trailhead '99 and was overdue on airing it out. I realize now why those boys didn't want to work on anything but horseback. After a day of walking around on those high top riding heel Lama's, you really appreciate getting them off and into a good pair of tennie lama's.

The weather was pretty good for a match other than a regular one. Seems like every time we do something special, it rains. The Higgies didn't show up and that means that the little yellow haired girl wasn't there either. Can anyone make the connection here, no yellow haired girl. Rain...yellow haired girl. Maybe it's just my imagination but I really believe that she can jinx us by her mere presence. Anyway, it was a good day to shoot. Not too hot or windy. It could have been just a mite bit cooler for my taste but all in all, it worked out.

There were several people missing that I thought surely would be there. Don't know if hunting season kept them away or whether they were just busy but I imagine there were about 30 of us gathered for Mr. Tom B's pre shoot meeting. Bill Pace gave us a little pep talk on voting and trying to convince friends and family to end the poor excuse for a Presidential administration that we've had to endure for the last 8 years.


Don Claxton has managed to hit chickens two matches running so it appears that he got his finger control back. Almost sounds like the title of a movie. How Don got ...

I even managed to hit a couple and end my several month streak of misses. Nolan Davis and Sean Cravens made the trip. They were smarter than most of us cause they sat out the hottest part of the year. Young Sean, in only his second match shot a 16 if I remember correctly. It's gotta be those young eyes cause I gotta struggle to get a 16. We need to designate Sean as our semi-official truck driver. He does a pretty good job of getting us down and back, mostly in one piece. Glad they came back. (Ed Note: Which is better than we can say about a certain yellow haired girl’s mother doing the driving.)

As I said earlier, Marvin made the match along with Dave Cook. The lucky devil just got back from New Mexico where he was scouting elk. I think he was supposed to be hunting them but seeing's how there was no sausage provided for the club, I gather they were unsuccessful.

Forgot about this but when Wayne pulled in on Saturday morning, he had the pipes playing on the CD. Sure is nice to have another bagpipe listener in the organization.

The electric fence material at the rams and pigs sure looks like it needs to be replaced. The yellow material at the turkeys appears to hold up much better than the all white stuff. Gonna have to put some of that on our shopping list. Gary brought up a surprise prize for the high AA turkey shooter and "her" spotter. Good idea Gary and thanks. Jerry and Bill, in that order won a turkey flag and turkey call. Wish I'd a thought of it. I wonder if the Carter clan is adopting. They came away again as winners in three classes. Good shooting and spotting will do it every time. Can't think of anything else to say so I guess I'll go crack pecans til the sun comes up.


If the Colonials had Gun Control,
We’d still be British.
Butch Balcomb


Thanks to all of the club members who were able to attend the funeral for Henry Heller. His wife (ex) was very happy that we thought enough of Henry to go to the effort of contacting the membership and then coming to say goodbye. The picture below was Butch’s method of paying tribute to Henry. There was more to Henry than most of us new, particularly as it applied to Cowboy Shooting and Western history. Rose Dawn told me that Henry’s burial plot is within a couple hundred feet or so of the original Hawkeye Pierce. They should be able to swap stories and some perspective of a by-gone era.

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As mentioned, Matt Carter was the win ner of the Club Championship for a 2nd consecutive year. It was not a run away this year, however, as the actual score was a tie between Matt and myself, both with 32’s, but Matt’s chicken count carried the day by 1.

As Butch said, it’s truly a family thing because Terri Carter won the cash for High Woman, and Trenton won for High Junior. Trent had to earn the spot this year because Sean Cravens, the nephew of Nolan Davis, was right on his heels 2 points behind.

Third place was won by new club member Faye Nunn, with a new record for the female persuasion, at least on our range, with a 30. Randall, her husband and spotter, took the prize for High AAA as well.

Lee Johnson won High Master, Wayne Doering took High AA, Randall Jones capture High A, with Bill Pace capturing High Senior. Bill thanks Roger McMillin for moving to Pennsylvania and thus opening up the Senior spot for other shooters of the O.F. persuasion.

I particularly want to thank Wayne Lovell, Butch Balcomb and Marvin Newby for their assistance in getting the range ready for this match. Due to work related circumstances, I couldn’t make my own work party and I certainly thank those guys for picking up the slack. Our "tractor guy" doesn’t have a shredder any longer so we’re going to have to look to other areas for pasture maintenance.

Thanks for everyone who attended this year’s Championship, and I promise that next year’s is going to be a two-day affair.


Hold Center
Tom Berwick

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