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Yaupon Creek Silhouette Association
1999 Club Championship
October 9, 1999

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Matt Carter - 1999 Champion



Matt Carter
Wins 1st Club

Well, another fun match has come and gone. Got to the range just before daylight and was the first one there on Saturday. However, being the inquisitive kind of guy that I am, I quickly discerned that people had been up there on Friday practicing. Using my highly deductive skills at detective work, I went over to the tables and read the names on the brass jugs and vices (sounds kinky if you don't know what they are). It appeared that Dave Higgy finally decided to take a weekend off and come join us. He also brought that anonymous letter writing wife with him. John Knesek also snuck up there to do some practicing. Pretty good detective work. Steve Ueckert and Henry showed up about the same time. I took my urban pacification unit with me to see if the brass catcher actually catches brass. Found it on an auction on the internet and the guy said it would work on the ranch rifle. Sure enough did but just deforms the case mouth a bit. Beats chasing that stuff all over the hill.

For those of you who do not know, we hosted our club championship this weekend. Had a right fine turnout for it. If the club continues to grow, we may have to make it a two day shoot next year cause due to the limited shooting positions and the sun setting earlier in the evening, we might have to get flood lights downrange to see the targets.

We had a 3 way tie for A class. Henry beat out Jim Andrews on the turkey tie breaker. I had the fortune to be the third person in the tie but due to a minor malfunction of my set trigger with 17 targets to go, I couldn't manage to get another target. Unfortunately, 15 of my remaining targets were those nasty chickens and having a broken set trigger I couldn't manage to hit any of them. Good shooting to the A champions. No where to go now but up.

When I got to the range and the sun came up, you could see all the targets clearly but not long after people started arriving, the fog set in and you could barely see the flag about 75 yds. away from the line. We had about an hour delay in starting the match due to the fog. Made for a long day.

With the new format for the match we got to find out where the 11th shot went after the gun sat for about ten minutes while the targets were being reset. From what I heard, no two guns seemed to do the same thing. High, low, left, right etc. Made for an interesting match.

While discussing the way the match was going to be held at the pre-shoot meeting, John Knesek pointed out that our resident lawyer was agreeing with what Tom was suggesting and he even had his hand in his own pocket. Most unusual from what we could tell. Wish I had a tape recording of it so we could use it in a court of law.

Steve Ueckert took a photo of Billy Dixon's grave at Adobe Walls when he was on the way to or from Raton this year. He had Dave's piece of Sharps leaning against the stone marker and a shadow hi-lighting Dixon's name. Quite a touching photo. He had it framed in what appeared to be an aged cedar frame and he donated it to the high ram shooter. Mr. Claxton was the winner of that prize. Don also donated a coffee table he built that looked like an aged Texas flag. Real nice piece. It went as a door prize, names drawn from the club shooters present. Unfortunately, the first name drawn wasn't a club member and Lone Star Rifle Company (aka Katha) won it. Terry and Trent Carter donated a Winchester tee shirt autographed by an Olympic shooter (forgot her name and who won it). Mr. Tom B. will elaborate more on it later in the article.

I want to thank all the wives of shooters who kept score and did the misc. paperwork involved. The match went smoothly thanks to all of you. They are the true backbone of any organization, in my opinion.

On one of my many trips down range to set targets, I noticed that I was in the back seat of a vehicle with police officers on both sides of me. When I pointed this out to the people in Don's Suburban, Mr. Claxton pointed out how unusual it was cause I wasn't even handcuffed. Didn't know he knew me back then. Randall got a kick out of it.

Mr. Tom B. pointed out on his arrival that the breath of La Nina' followed him most of the way to the range cause he drove through some nasty fog. Almost rain but not quite. Sure enough, that yellow haired girl and Kevin made their appearance but fortunately, didn't bring any rain. Hit a little shower on the way home at the Brazos River but that was it. Wish she would work her magic out here in Katy cause we sure do need the rain. Don't have much more to say so I'll end it here. Thanks to all who came and hope everyone had as good a time as I did. See ya in two weeks.


Butch Balcomb


Well, the first Club Championship is in the books and I hope that everyone truly enjoyed themselves. The early morning fog did present some problems, primarily by pushing the start time back a little more than an hour, but once we started, everything seems to flow pretty smoothly.

Butch did touch upon a problem, although it’s a good problem. If two more shooters had made the match, a fourth relay would have been forced and there is no way we could have finished a 60-shot match before dark. We would have been forced to reduce the match to a standard 40-shot configuration. We’ll need to vote on it at a future shoot but the best method may be a 2 day, 80-shot match. A number of our members have expressed their preference to 2 day matches so this might bring them into the fold.

The quote on the right was during Dave’s 15 pig run as there was continuous wind and lighting shifts. Katha, spotting for Dave, wanted him to shade slightly high since his previous shots had apparently hit a little low on the pig. The gist of her comments makes me think maybe she really wanted a center hold. You be the judge.

I really want to extend the thanks of the club to Don Claxton, Matt Carter and Steve Ueckert for providing some extra prizes to supplement the prize payouts. As mentioned, Katha ended up with Don’s Texas Flag Table, and I swear it wasn’t a set up that Lone Star Rifle ended up with a Lone Star Flag Table.

Steve Ueckert presented the high ram count, Don Claxton, (again, not a set up) with a picture he took of Dave’s big 50 Sharps against the Adobe Walls monument. Steve swears that it was not planned that the railing shadow falling on Billy Dixon’s name.

Matt Cater brought an autographed Winchester T-Shirt autographed by 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Trap Shooter Kim Rhode and designated it to the high chicken count. Well, Matt had the high chicken count of nine so he awarded it to second place count which was Paul Blanton with eight.

The match winners were Matt Carter 1st place, Paul Blanton 2nd place, Bob Rosenbaum 3rd place, Tom Berwick high Master, Don Claxton high AAA, Nolan Davis high AA, Henry Heller high A, and Lewis Bedar high B.

We had 15 pins for every animal except chickens and only got to give 2 15-pig pins away to Dave Higginbotham and Bob Rosenbaum. We can just hang on to those for the next time we have a 60 shot match. The minor wind shifts we had during the match had a profound effect on most shooters as scores were down for many.

This match was our highest ever turnout. Just looking for the day when we go to four relays. Until then,


Hold Center

Tom Berwick

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