Buffalo Match Results                 

December 13, 1997

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Matt Carter 2 1 0 3
Charlie Hart 2 0 0 2
George Conner 2 0 0 2
Tom Berwick 2 0 0 2
Nolan Davis 1 0 0 1
Bill Sumpter 0 0 0 0
Don Abrams 0 0 0 0


Light conditions, haze, and the lack of a berm made the buffalo a tough beast to lay lead on this past Saturday.  Don Abrams had the "big fifty," that would be Dave Higginbotham's .50-90 Rolling Block, and during a sight in period prior to the silhouette match starting, we walked right on the target.  However, light and wind conditions changed dramatically by the time we held the Buffalo Match late in the afternoon.

The most any competitor could manage was 2 hits apiece on the 750 meter buffalo.  "Didn't see a thing" was the most common refrain heard during the contest as there was little hope of sighting a high or wide shot in the shadow drenched foliage behind and to the side of the target.

Matt Carter, who only had two hits, managed one of those in "the black" and thus garnered an extra point, preventing the requirement for a shoot-off.

Don Abrams, who had the buff zeroed during the early morning sight in period, couldn't find the beast during the match.  Afterward, not wishing to toss and turn all night with self-doubt, we loosed a few more 750 grain projectiles and found that the rifle had shot over the target, and thus into the trees, during the match.  When we actually are fortunate enough to get a berm built, that should dramatically improve the match scores.

Until then,
Keep your powder dry.