Buffalo Match Results

December 8, 2007

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Five shooters stayed around for the Buffalo match.  After clearing the area, from 500 yards to almost a 1000, it really was difficult to call the misses. The brush on the ground hid the bullet impacts.

Marion, with only 3 hits, one in the gong and one in the bulls eye, was the winner. Don’t know if anyone with this few hits ever won before.

Randall, first time shooting after a couple of years, and I tied scores but his gong hit was closer to the bulls eye than mine.  Gary was doing well until the wind did a switch and he had a miss.

Jay, Jay, Jay. What can I say?  Looks like the new bullet you tried did not shoot well. Sometimes we have to try different loads and bullets at a match, but they do not always do well. Go back to the old one.

See ya’ll next time,

Le Roy Tanner


Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Marion Woods  3 1 1 6
Randall Jones 5 1 0 6
LeRoy Tanner 5 1 0 6
Gary Krutilek 4 1 0 5
Jay Butts 1 0 0 1