Buffalo Match Results                 

November 11, 2000

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Hawkeye Pierce 5 3 2 10
Martin Roth 5 3 0 8
Terry Hibben 5 2 0 7
Paul Blanton 5 2 0 7
Wayne Lovell 4 1 0 5
Glen Dickson 2 2 0 4


Warning!!! To all Shooters!

Yesterday, after the buffalo match, Glen Dickson had a plastic bag go missing with his spotting board and a few other expensive items in it. After looking hard, the great tracker and sharp-eyed Hawkeye found it. The dogs had gotten it out of Glen’s van and had a fine old time with it. Upon realizing that there wasn’t anything to eat, they dumped it in front of Herman’s house.

I think Butch looked really cute in his new do! A little bright, but cute. We had 6 shooters for the match which Hawkeye ran in two relays. Myself, Wayne Lovell, and Paul Blanton shot first relay, Hawkeye, Glen and that favored Englishman shot second.

All though there is no doubt who won with a borrowed .45-70, Hawkeye shot an 11 with an amazing 3 round group of approximately 5 inches with one shot in the bull to win the match. He way followed by yours truly with an 8. Third place was decided by the toss of a coin, and Terry Hibben had third place using a rifle borrowed from Paul Blanton (actually, R.D.’s rifle)

Great Shooting guys!

Gun control is being able to hit your target!
Martin Roth