Buffalo Match Results

November 10, 2007

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Seven shooters stayed over in the gusting wind to shoot the Buffalo match.  The scores were rather high for the switching winds that we had to deal with.  I was able to win by having the closest shot to the bullseye.  Ralph was second with his hits only an inch or so further out.

Jay had 5 hits but could only get one hit in the gong.  O. J., Gary and David had misses that could not be explained.  Should have hit somewhere on Ol Whitey.  Marion left his Buffalo ammo at home and used some extras he found in his SUV. He did get 1 hit.

See ya next time.



Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
LeRoy Tanner  5 3   8
Ralph Cole 5 3   8
Jay Butts 5 1   6
O. J. Riddles 4 1   5
Gary Krutilek  3 0   3
David Burger 3 0 3
Marion Woods 1 0 1