Buffalo Match Results                 

November 8, 2003

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Nick Nickelson  5 3 0 8
Jerry Harres 5 3 0 8
Glen Dickson 5 2 0 7
Don Klinko 5 2 0 7
Joann Essig 4 3 0 7
Frank Scott 5 1 0 6
Tom Berwick 5 1 0 6


I was looking through some old issues of the YCSA Newsletter for some info & took note of the Buffalo Match Report written by Dave Cook in February of 2002. In that article, he put words to the sounds the two target areas of ‘Whitey’ make when hit. He described the sound of a body hit with the term “clank” & a gong hit with the word “tonk”. In addition, Dave also gave permission to use those technical terms to all club members. Although I think a body hit has more of a ‘clang’ tone, I’ll take advantage of his permission to use his other term to accurately describe the November, 2003 Buffalo Match.

Seven people brought an extra 10 of their very-best ammo and stayed after the silhouette match to see how many times they could make that little black dot  on the buffalo sing.

Overcast skies & setting sunlight made sight pictures a little less than crisp and a left to right breeze somewhere down-range caused more than a few early sighting shots to go low or to the right but once that was accounted for, quite a few ‘tonks’ were recorded for score.

Now I know how Tom feels when announcing match results: at the conclusion, we had a two-way tie for first place which was settled by way of a coin toss but missed the fact that we needed to break a three-way tie to determine who came in third. I’ve decided to resolve that oversight by declaring all three co-3rd-place winners. JoAnn & Don, pins will be on their way to you as soon as I work out the details.

Speaking of pins, a great deal of thanks goes out to Glen Dickson for making the awards that were given for this match and will be awarded to the top three finishers at future Yaupon Creek buffalo matches. Hopefully, Tom will have some page space in the newsletter to include a picture of one to let you see how very special they are.

Last but not least; since I’ll be enjoying BALMY Wyoming holiday weather when YCSA next hosts a match, I’d like to wish each & every one you an early but heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving, VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Think ‘TONK’ !

-Jerry Harres