Buffalo Match Results                 

October 28, 2006

Club Championship

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The “weather liars” got it right two matches in a row ! ! ! ! ! !

The forecast for intermittent sprinkles on the first day of the YCSA club silhouette championship and rain for the second day altered the usual match routine & the 2006 “Hawkeye Pierce” buffalo championship match was rescheduled for the second YCSA match of October.

Two weeks later, the weather was EXACTLY as predicted & perfect for shooting at that wooly beast standing 821 yards away. Very light wind & gentle mirage, both of which varied by only minor degrees. Ideal conditions, to say the least !

Thirteen club members entered this year’s edition of the Buffalo Championship and one, unfortunately, was forced to withdraw from the competition when it was discovered his ammo wouldn’t chamber. He didn’t have the chance to launch even one round at the target. BUMMER ! ! ! Hopefully, he will learn to use freshly loaded ammo instead of year-old stuff next year.

Even more frustrating for some of the entrants was that their previous sight settings had changed & their sight-in period was a challenge to get on target.

Once it turned into a ‘for score’ issue, however, the match returned to what it has always been since I became involved in it - - - quality shooting, no time restrains, relaxed & quite open to friendly verbal barbs among the shooters & spotters.

All in all, it was GREAT FUN & a top notch competition. Once you look at the final scores & see that the winning margin was just one point, second place was determined by a reverse ‘gong’ count of the 5 finishers tied one point below & the remaining 4 third place finishers results were sorted and reported alphabetically.

It doesn’t get any better than that !

Well, yes, it can . . . if you haven’t tried the buffalo match, you need to ! Then you need to make plans to shoot in next year’s Championship.

LeRoy Tanner was this year’s winner of the “Hawkeye Pierce” Club Buffalo Championship & will be the custodian of the traveling trophy that John Knesek passes to him with a great deal of reluctance. In fact, LeRoy pointed out some wear marks on the trophy & surmised that they were John’s tears. I am of the opinion that the trophy was used as a chew-toy for a rat-dog but that is a different story that won’t be shared here.

Last but not least, recognition and sincere thanks must be accorded Glen Dickson for making the plaque that is awarded for this match & our monthly club matches.

Think Tonk (we had 9),


Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
LeRoy Tanner 5 2 0 7
Mark Zimmer 4 2 0 6
Ralph Cole 5 1 0 6
Jerry Harres 5 1 0 6
John Knesek 5 1 0 6
John Knesek, Jr. 5 1 0 6
David Burger 4 1 0 5
O. J. Riddles 5 0 0 5
Gary Krutilek 5 0 0 5
Marion Woods 4 0 0 4
Jay Butts 3 0 0 3
John Calvert 0 0 0 0