Buffalo Match Results

October 27, 2007

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We had 5 shooters to stay over after the regular match to sling some lead at ol Whitey.  Gary was the winner with 5 hits and 2 gongs.  There were 3 shooters with scores of 5 hits and 1 gong.  Everyone had shot up all of their ammo so the tie was broken by the closest hit to the Bullseye.

I had hits on both sides of the gong, but could not get any thing in it.

See ya next time.



Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Gary Krutilek  5 2   7
O. J. Riddles  5 1   6
Jay Butts 5 1   6
Marion Woods  5 1   6
LeRoy Tanner 5 0   5