Buffalo Match Results
Club Championship 

October 13, 2007

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Before putting typed words to ‘electronic’ paper to describe the 2007 YCSA “Hawkeye” Pierce Buffalo Championship, I re-read my previous write-ups of the match since I became involved with it just to make sure I didn’t misrepresent any statistical facts.

On to factoids:

This year’s match had one less entrant than 2006 & 2005 but four more than 2004 & 2003.  The 2007 edition had the highest number of ‘gong’ hits ever - 14. Previous high was 9.  I didn’t tally up the body hits for comparison because some might challenge my ability to count above the number twenty.  There were no ‘X’ hits, which haven’t been recorded since 2003 & 2004.

Now we return to my opinionated commentary:

We’ve had shoot-offs in the past but the one required this year was the most memorable. The first two shots for score were equally outside (but not by much) the gong to the right. The second two shots were driven by the down-range wind to the left side of the gong with the dispersion between them from center not more than an estimated 4 inches.

The one thing that was NOT missing from the match,  however, was how much it resembled previous matches in spirit & the weather in which it was conducted. Friendly taunting was allowed & was evident through out the match. For example, someone stuck their tongue out at me (no names will EVER be revealed) while I was on the scope spotting for the 2nd relay.

Then there were the spotting boards . . . . I’ve never seen tighter groups on the ‘Wooly Beast’ in any previous match. The switching headwind did give a bunch of vertical to our shots but the horizontal spread was amazing – there were VERY few shots that went outside the gong to the left or right by more than a minute of angle.

The traveling trophy for the match has now moved from the custody of LeRoy Tanner to Gary Krutilek.

Well done, Gary ! Treasure the time you have it & rest assured we’re coming after it next year.

I’d also like to extend a very special “Thank You” to Liz Riddles for helping again this year with keeping score ! She has been helping with this match for several years now & I have been remiss in not giving her DUE recognition ! ! ! !

Last but not least – next year’s match prep starts tomorrow & I’m throwing down the gauntlet to the “wood’s” who didn’t compete this year. I’ll go even further by offering a prize [other than the traveling statue & plaque]  to the match winner ! !

- JerryWood


Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Gary Krutilek 5 3   *8*
Andy Clinton 5 3   8
Mack Morris 5 2   7
Ralph Cole 5 1   6
O. J. Riddles 5 1   6
LeRoy Tanner 5 1   6
Jay Butts 4 2   6
Jimmie Sommerfield 4 1   5
Jerry Harres 4   4
James Sommerfield 4     4
David Burger 1     1

* Tie broken by Shoot-Off