Buffalo Match Results                 

October 12, 2002

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Gary Krutilek 5 3 0 8
David Cook 5 3 0 8
Marty Haley 5 2 0 7
Jack Elliott 5 2 0 7
Frank Scott 5 2 0 7
O. J. Riddles 5 1 0 6
Matt Carter 4 1 0 5
Jerry Harres 4 1 0 5
LeRoy Tanner 4 0 0 4
Casey Haley 3 0 0 3
David Pierce 2 0 0 2


Wow folks, for all of you who just came to YCSA for the silhouette side matches :~) and didn't stay for the Buffalo championships, you missed the most hotly contested match that Whitey the buffalo has ever been in.  We had 11 shooters, and to my knowledge a record turnout, competing for the long range title. Old hands and new shooters alike took their turns.  To me, this is a very relaxing shoot.  Kinda like a cool down period after the busy business of a silhouette match.  These are some of my most favorite times at the hill...

For this match I used my Lone Star 40-82 with the new reamer.  I bought all new Starline 45-90 brass and made up enough for the shoot.  With Dave Higginbotham's expert 'smithin, this brass, totally new load (SWEIN, So What Else Is New) and a whole lotta luck I was able to keep head to head with Gary Krutilek.  But as all who were present know that I am no gambler.

The winds laid down nicely for the most part, and the target was proof of that.   Spotting was a real chore and took the eyes of multiple spotters as the bullet marks accumulated.  We went four relays due to the turnout and just about dried up a paint can between readying for the next shooters.  I mean to tell ya, if these were real bison, we'd have barbeque for the next three years easy.  I counted up 62 total hits on the animal and this was just for score, not counting what was hit during sight in.

I was pretty busy during the match, and with all the shooters and excellent marksmanship I overloaded on my shot to shot commentary.  But what we ended up with was a two way tie for high score of eight, and a three way tie at seven hits.  I was thinking about raiding my kids soda straws to settle it all.  But in the end, Gary and I flipped for it.  And now you know why I ain't no gambler.

I do remember this though.  Gary and I shot last relay, and I was thinking to myself just how much work I was going to have to do just to get close to Frank, Marty, and Jack who shared seven a piece.  Jeez, I just wanted to get close to OJ, Matt and Jerry.   Especially after my first shot went "somewhere", I didn't think I stood a chance.  I can't remember who was spotting, but they got me on quick and I let the rifle do the rest.  Darned if that rifle didn't do it's job.  I was shooting first in the last relay and pegged the gong three of five shots and was thinking I had it made as I was walking back to my shooting box to clean.  That is, until Gary shot his last shot.  I knew I was had when I heard a "bong" instead of a "whack".  Then came the coin flip.  Never flip with one of those newfangled quarters without the eagle on the back.  Just my luck.

I would like to add a sincere thanks to Liz Riddles for keeping score for us.  And with your permission, I would like to dedicate this year’s match to Mr. Leon Ashton.   I know he just loved to shoot the buffalo match as much as the rest of us.   God grant him and Henry Heller the ability to join us on occasion.

David Cook