Buffalo Match Results                 

October 10, 1998

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Tom Berwick 5 3 1 9
Matt Carter 5 2 0 7
Roger McMillin 5 1 0 6
Donny Chmelik 4 2 0 6
Chuck Marshall 4 0 0 4


Five hale & hearty shooters, probably just guys who didn’t have any honey-do’s hanging over their heads on the home front, stayed for the Buffalo Match. There would have been a sixth, but new shooter, Wayne Doering, used all his remaining ammo to get on target since he didn’t have settings for that range. Wayne did manage hits with his last two remaining cartridges which satisfied his desire to hit something 821 yards downrange.

Of the five shooters who did have settings and enough ammo remaining to compete, we had an amazing number of gong hits. Three shooters managed all five shots on target, so it became a matter of who could hit the 2 foot circle gong over the heart area.

After the first relay of 3 shooters, Roger McMillin had managed 5 hits on target with one on the gong. So far, so good.

The second relay consisted of Matt Carter and Tom Berwick. Going into the final shot, Matt and Tom were tied with 4 hits and 2 on the gong. Tom’s fifth shot found the 6" bullseye within the gong and for his efforts was rewarded with no end of teeth gnashing by spotter, Chuck Marshall. Can you believe, Chuck didn’t even want to tell me where the hit was.

Anyway, Matt’s fifth shot found the buffalo, but narrowly missed the gong. Since our previous match winner left the Traveling Buffalo Trophy at home, Tom was left with the consolation of the win. Anyway, the trophy will continue residence at Rolling Block Heaven, sometimes known as Lone Star Rifle.

Tom Berwick