Buffalo Match Results                 

October 9, 2004
Club Championship

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
David Cook 5 2 0 7
Wayne Doering   5 1 0 6
Gary Krutilek 5 1 0 6
Frank Scott 4 1 1 6
Steve Ueckert 4 0 0 4
Jerry Harres 4 0 0 4
Tom Krupp 1 0 0 1


One of life’s many pleasures is an early-Fall late afternoon in Texas. Add to that the treat of shooting at long range in a relaxed (untimed) match condition with Black Powder Cartridge rifles.

Seven Yaupon Creek Club members loaded an extra 10 or 15 rounds to participate in the second annual YCSA "Hawkeye" Pierce" Buffalo Championship.

If I remember correctly, Butch referenced "They Call The Wind Mariah" in the first YCSA newsletter I ever read after becoming a club member. Just want to make sure that I document the original source of the idea that I am using as my theme for this match report to avoid potential plagarism allegations.

Given the otherwise pleasant conditions, "Mariah" was not the word I heard used by the entrants when talking about the wind we shot in. The substitute words would not conform to the public decency standards of this club and will not be mentioned here. The ‘windmill’ at the firing line was switching from a direct to a left-quartering tailwind with velocity shifts of about 5 mph constantly during the match.

Spotters were challenged by the same conditions & the scopes were set to pick up any clue about where the shooters bullets were going. That can cause problems !

With a tailwind, the sound of a hit becomes muted and sometimes not heard. Add to that mix an entrant shooting one of those "MOSQUITO MAULER" calibers that leave little record of an impact. Steve Ueckert’s second sighter hit in the gong at the 2:30 axis half-way in towards the X ring.

The other spotters & I missed it and Steve was sent into "Spotter’s Hell" for a few rounds. Pard, that’s my last ‘Mea Culpa’ ! Rest assured that it won’t happen again.

During the short time I’ve been associated with this match, there have been only two occasions where a tie determined the top three. The last time it happened, a coin flip was used to resolve the final results. Since it was the YCSA "Hawkeye" Pierce" Buffalo Championship, a coin-toss seemed to be an improper way to resolve the issue.

The shoot-off was as much fun as the match ! ! ! The verbal commentary/taunting that was heard from the shooters made it all that much more memorable.

In conclusion, congratulations to David Cook. He is this year’s winner of the match & will soon be the custodian of the traveling trophy for this match that I pass to him.

Think Tonk (we had 9),