Buffalo Match Results                 

September 13, 1997

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Zane Streater 4 0 0 4
Chuck Marshall 2 1 0 4
Lige Harris 3 0 0 3
Katha Higginbotham 2 0 0 2
Billy Mills 1 0 0 1
Matt Carter 0 0 0 0


Well, the Buffalo match was back in all its glory, mainly since Tom remembered to bring the award this month and in his humble opinion, was transferred to someone else because he had a time commitment that prevent his from competing.

Zane Streater and Chuck Marshall ended the regulation round tied on points and had to proceed to a shootoff. Zane couldn’t hit the gong at all during the match and managed a solid hit on the elusive 2ft circle on the 2nd course of tie-breaking fire. Alas, Chuck could only manage a body hit, enough according to him to actually fell a real buffalo, but not enough for the purposes of this contest.

Hopefully, we’ll have a few more "buffalo hunters" hang around to fling lead at the 750 meter target in October. There is a definite feeling of satisfaction upon hearing the dull "clank" of a hit 821 yards downrange.

Load up your precision ammo and take a try at the metal monster. Hopefully, the tractor guy will have his machinery fixed during the month and we’ll actually have a berm constructed for the next match. Sure would help if we had a clue where some of those near misses go. The berm should help identify the wide and high shots. See you next month.