Buffalo Match Results                 

September 8, 2001

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
David Cook 5 5 0 10
David Pierce 5 4 0 9
George Conner 4 1 0 5
Tom Berwick 3 1 0 4
Jerry Harres 4 0 0 4
Leon Ashton 3 0 0 3
Leroy Tanner 1 0 0 1

Well, we had a great pissin contest yesterday (the buffalo), although it seems that the wind blew right out of the big thumper's sails.The great bald headed one, Hawkeye, did manage to beat tom, he in turn was beaten by a simple, measly old gong owned by David Cook.  Way to go, David!

Now, I must say all did really well as even Leroy Tanner finally managed to hit old whitey on his last shot.  For the first time!

I think David Cook let our two intrepid x-hunters know he was out for blood when he shot a bullseye on one of his sighters!  He had some kind of mechanical failure after his third shot but managed to repair the rifle and finished the match.

I forgot to mention that even Judge Georgy beat Tom.  See, lawyers can do something right once in a while.

Until next time!

Martin Roth