Buffalo Match Results                 

August 14, 2004

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Steve Ueckert  5 2 1 8
Tom Berwick 5 3 0 8
Robb Simer 4 0 0 4
LeRoy Tanner  3 0 0 3
Jerry Harres 3 0 0 3
Frank Scott 1 1 0 2


Despite the low number of people who shot in the ‘sillywet’ match because of their participation in last week’s National Championships in Raton, five club members and one guest stayed to sling some lead at our steel wooly beast of the plains. It became quite clear that this match, despite the laid-back manner in which it is conducted, was going to be a serious endeavor – in addition to the two scopes used by the spotters, three of the shooters had spotting scopes by their sides as they shot.

Whoever placed the order for today’s match conditions got it just about right: temperatures were in the low 90’s, winds were switchy but light & the humidity, although in the mid 30% range, was manageable with proper blow tube technique. The only advice I’d offer for future Buffalo Matches: don’t “Super-Size” the mirage portion of your order.

Mirage (mi-razh), n. [French], an optical illusion, the phenomenon is due to the reflection of light through two strata of air of different temperature.

Mirage: song title [U.S.A.] One of Tommy James & The Shondells lesser recognized hits of 1967 and one of my personal favorites.

The monthly YCSA newsletter has lately missed the personal touch that Butch brings to it & the last paragraph was for him. Hope your back treatments return you to the range on a more regular basis, Amigo ! ! We miss you.

Back to optical mirage: the buffalo was shimmering in the scope so much that even body hits were hard to see – and made offering sight correction calls all that much more difficult for this spotter. Note to YCSA newsletter editor: A spotting class for those interested in long range shooting might be in order. If scheduled, I’ll attend !

The eventual winner of today’s match heeded my advice from the last match & didn’t torment our R.I.L.R.S. (Recognized International Long Range Shooter) after tossing his first shot for score into the “X” ring. From that point, the match became a race for the finish line between two shooters and the single “X” recorded between them decided the final outcome.

The guest mentioned in paragraph one used a loaned rifle and ammo to earn the third place finish in today’s match. Robb, the rest of us didn’t sand-bag – you earned it ! Congratulations and a “sure hope you got hooked” are in order at this point. Again worth noting – two long-range matches & a .38 caliber bullet finishes in either first or second place . . . . . HMMMMMM ?

Could this phenomenon be like smokeless powder – a “passing fad” ?


Think ‘tonk’