Buffalo Match Results                 

August 13, 2005

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Grady Kelton  5 2 2 9
LeRoy Tanner  5 2 0 7
Chris Soupene  5 1 0 6
Gary Krutilek 3 1 0 4
Ralph Cole 2 1 0 3

 We started out with 6 shooters to shoot the wary Buffalo. Don thought that his high dollar 38-50 (replica of a Pedersoli) might get a hernia shooting at that distance decided to fire form some cases at the chicken range.

Grady borrowed a (Pedersoli) rifle and some ammo and won the match with a 9. Good shooting Grady!

Chris has sometimes had better groups on Whitey than on the close up targets. He’s usually at the top of the pack. Gary hit Whitey with his sighters, but had 2 record shots mysteriously hit the dirt under whitey’s feet.

Them phenomenons are aggravating, especially to a good shooter. Ralph, never having shot at this distance and with no sight zero, was able to make 2 hits with a gong. Next time, with a good sight setting, he may be at the top of the pack.

Thanks to the guys that stayed to shoot the buffalo match.


See ya next time,