Buffalo Match Results                 

August 12, 2000

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
R. D. Blanton 5 3 0 8
Wayne Lovell 5 2 0 7
David Pierce 4 1 1 6
Martin Roth 3 0 0 3
Paul Blanton 2 0 0 2
Leon Ashton 2 0 0 2


Although Hawkeye had spilled all his bullets out in the street Saturday morning that he'd stayed up until midnight loading, he showed up to support the rest of us. (He deserves a hard-luck pat on the back). On the buffalo, he spotted for the other five of us, then borrowed a gun and shot the match himself, scoring the only bull of the match. It wasn't quite enough to win, but considering it wasn't his gun, I'd say he did a darned good job!

He and Paul went downrange before he shot, to repaint the buff and to check on one of my shots. Wayne Lovell and I had gone neck & neck. One of my shots Hawkeye wasn't able to call. He wasn't sure if I'd cut into the black or not. While the two were downrange, Wayne & I agreed to a coin toss if the shot wasn't on the gong. Hawkeye reported that I "only" got about half a bullet in the black, but that was enough to squeak out the win.

Once again I couldn't hardly buy one of those pigs. For the buffalo, Paul had developed a new load for me. First shot, Hawkeye didn't see. Second shot, I was at the base of one of the posts. Next three spotters, and all five rounds for the match, I hit the buffalo. Can we work the buffalo into the main match?!!!

R. D.

Sure sounds like begging to me!