Buffalo Match Results                 

August 11, 2001

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Hits Gongs Bullseye Total Points
Glen Dickson 5 2 0 7
Leon Ashton 5 1 0 6
Martin Roth 4 1 0 5
Jerry Harres 2 1 0 3
LeRoy Tanner 0 0 0 0


Well I am going to say it again, and I will probably do it again. but I should know better than to loan someone my gun to shoot the buffalo. And Glen did it to me again! Not only did he beat me with my own gun, but also won the match for this month! With a hard-earned 7.

Yes! It was hot. Yes, the mirage was running, but we buffalo shooters don't snivel like some people I know. (don) A great day was had by all even if Croft mistook a cow baying for an old girl friend! But those things do happen!

I will say that all of the shooters had a tough time, and whitey made out better than last month. Until next month. when, I can whip hawkeye again!

Martin Roth

OK! I’ve got some of the 95# of ammo I loaded for Raton left over and will bring the buffalo thumper to the first match in September. This may sound like I’m throwing the gauntlet down to Hawkeye but if you ask him, he will shout to the sky that he beat me in Creedmoor on centers.

So, I’ve got to redeem my manhood by bringing the big thumper to try to nail Old Whitey more times and with more precision than Mr. Pierce. It’s a matter of pride but I’ll tell you now that the thumper, my .45-100, was delivering an awful lot of punishment at 1000 yds. Going to have to either tone down the load or change barrels to something more manageable that can produce the velocity required to whup A. P. "Butch" Ulsher. He loves it when he gets mentioned in any newsletter. Be sure to read the October edition of the Black Powder Cartridge News to learn details of his new workout video that’s been banned in his own home state of California.

That’s all I have to say about that bare subject until the article comes out. That’s assuming Steve Garbe will print all of the news that’s fit to print. Just picture thongs and spandex.

Hold Center
Tom Berwick